Access your office email within CRM

Busness Email within CRM

Which is your biggest task while in office? If you said reading and responding to customer emails; you are not alone. Email is the most used way of communication with the world- certainly in the business world.

So, it would be nice to have all your communication history with the customers at the same place where you have all your customer data- about tasks, deals, appointments etc. So, we decided to bring the email history of every contact directly in Saleswah.

List email within CRM Contact records

Now, when you open a Contact record, you can see the list of emails that you have exchanged with her. So, all the more reason for you to carefully input the correct email address for all client contacts.

Saleswah lists email within CRM Contact records


Basis the email address in the Contact record, Saleswah establishes a secure connection with your mail server- and fetches the list of emails from inbox every time you open a Contact record. You can open the emails, reply to them or even forward them to others. Like you can do in any web based email.

Changes in your settings

Go to “My profile” and click on the tab called User email settings. Set it up really carefully.

crm email settings

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