Assign re-assign tasks in team

Assign re-assign tasks from one user to another

Saleswah allows you to assign re-assign tasks to other users – thus fostering collaboration.

To recap how task management works:

A Task is assigned to the Account Owner- the sales owner – the person in charge of the account, by default. But it does not mean you can’t change that.

When you log/ assign a new task, you search for the Account name and when you select the right one, the Account owner name is selected by default as the person the Task is being “Assigned to”.

You can change that. Just select another user instead of the Account owner- same box- and while saving you will assign the task to the other user, who is not the account owner.

Why is this important?

Imagine, you want your boss to talk to someone in the customer place- this is how you let him know. Or, you are on leave on a day and you want someone to call someone up.

Also, let’s say you were assigned a task- you may or may not be the account owner. And, you figure you do not have the bandwidth. Or, the ability.

If you know the person who has the ability and the bandwidth, would it not be wonderful to simply drop this task on her lap?

You can!


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