Advanced tip: Track your CRM tasks in Outlook, Google

The problem with following up

In the days where you kept all your appointments and tasks in Outlook or even in the online Google Apps calendar, you never missed a single follow-up, right? It was even better when your tool of choice was the leather bound appointment book. Sigh! How is it that technology has made our life so difficult?

Now we take notes in multiple places and while we sometimes end up logging twice, many a time we either not log the appointment or we miss the appointment or task because we do not remember where we logged it.

Enter CRM, and life gets more complicated!

Why complicated? Because, now you have just added another place for scheduling and following up on tasks. We had the same problem (because, we ourselves are very involved users of our CRM). For a quick primer on scheduling Tasks in Saleswah, read this. So, this is what we did.

Sync Saleswah CRM Tasks with Google Apps or Outlook: sign up for a free trial

Bi-directional sync of Saleswah CRM Tasks in Outlook

Download the free plug-in, Saleswah Lite CRM Add-in to Outlook. Sync your business contacts to Saleswah and periodically sync your Tasks from Sale

swah to Outlook. So, all Saleswah CRM tasks will now be followed up through the Outlook reminder process. No need to track tasks in different places, track Saleswah CRM Tasks in Outlook, as you do with all your tasks.

Bonus tip: sync your CRM tasks with Google Apps as well

If you are not an Outlook user and have long moved your email, contacts and calendar on the web, courtesy Google Apps, you can do the same sync- this time with Google apps. And, no download is necessary as we built this functionality within the Saleswah CRM on the web.



Saleswah CRM sync with Google Apps Contacts and Tasks

Does your company mail run on Google Apps?

If it does, have you ever felt the need for your CRM sync with Google Apps? Especially the Contact List; thus saving you the bother of having to re-enter the contact list in 2 places and worse, managing them separately.

Saleswah CRM sync with Google Apps

It is so simple that it is embarrassing to do a full blog post on it.

Contact sync with Google Apps

Click a button on the dashboard, and the contacts from your Saleswah CRM account where you are the owner, get uploaded into your linked Google Apps account. And, your business Contacts from Google Apps? They get copied into your Saleswah CRM account as well. The beauty of course is that this is bi-directional- any change you make to a linked contact, is reflected into the corresponding Contact record in the other platform.One button CRM sync with Google Apps

Tasks sync with Google Apps

Similarly, click a button on the dashboard, and the Saleswah Tasks get pulled into Google Apps. If you manage your schedule in Google Apps calendar, they will show up there for you to schedule or close/ update. The changed status will show up in Saleswah CRM as well.

Sign up for a free trial, today.

Working with Google Tasks from Saleswah

Saleswah provides the cleanest Google Apps CRM integration!

Have you ever wished that you did not have to go out of your “office” environment and into the CRM environment only to track sales related tasks and activities. We just made it possible to sync Google Tasks with Saleswah CRM.

It is simple. So simple that we refuse to post a video; seriously!

All we will say is this. If you are using Saleswah CRM using your Google Apps domain email address then you can download your assigned tasks to your Google Apps Tasks where they will also appear on your calendar.

These tasks will be tagged “Saleswah”. You can mark them as complete or change the target date and have the changes reflected in the Saleswah CRM or vice versa.

Yes, bi-directional sync of tasks between Saleswah CRM and Google Apps is now live. Sign up for a free account now.