Saleswah CRM Outlook Addin is back!

Update: The Saleswah CRM Outlook Addin is Back

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We created one of our most downloaded and used CRM products: the Saleswah CRM Lite. Created as an Outlook Plug-In, it helped manage your sales opportunities, schedule Tasks and of course the Contacts from the familiar environment of MS-Outlook.

The downloads had reached more than 7000. We pulled the plug on the product last week. Here’s why:

We created the product for the user who would like a CRM that he/ she can update on the go without the need to be online. The fact that it was the familiar look and feel of Outlook, helped. It was for single users, whether working for themselves or for a company and it was free!

For the power users, we had added ability to connect to an online Saleswah CRM account. Also for free, for the single user.

So, why discontinue?

We do not think this is the strategic direction we want to take as company. We are mobile first, web first. A desktop CRM does not align with the direction.

The world is becoming online. Fast. We do not see our users needing to update CRM while offline anymore. So, all the more reason for us to concentrate on building products and platforms that are online.

Here’s a FAQ we put up, a week or so back.

Here’s where you go for the alternative: still free, for the single user. Saleswah CRM Lite Android App.
Or if you are a Windows person,

Saleswah Lite Windows Phone Store

Saleswah Lite CRM app in the Windows Store

Or, still prefer the web? Create a free account, here.



The Salewah Lite CRM Outlook Addin is back! Download it here!

Mobile first Cloud always

Mobile first Cloud always

Mobile data is also in cloud

Among the biggest challenges of working with customers are the 3 C’s of currency, comprehensiveness and context.


How current is the information that you have of your Contact?

That is why, we allow you to sync your contacts and Tasks with your Google Apps account; so that your information is current and relevant- saving you time as well. And if you are using the Saleswah App on Windows Phone- we allow you to pull in your Contacts from phone.


wp_ss_20141011_0001Do you have all the information in one place? (Add another C – Cogency: can you make sense of the information at a glance, in a digestible format?)
That is why we show you all the contact history, activities- open as well as past, and a summary of all involvements in sales opportunities: in one place.


Your contact is in your phone, in Outlook or Gmail or LinkedIn or maybe even in Facebook. But, when the context is sales, you need the Contact and his activities in your CRM.
That is why, when you call your CRM contact by tapping his phone number from within the Saleswah App, it asks you if this was in the context of an ongoing Deal or pending Task.

The advantage of being mobile

Since Saleswah launched on the desktop as a Windows 8 app, I have been spending less and less time using the web and more time with the app. I like the speed- even though even today, after eight revisions, it is still not as powerful as the web version. The web version is the most comprehensive that there is.
Now we launched the Saleswah on Windows phone and I anticipate spending even less time on the web.wp_ss_20141011_0005
For one, it is convenient. For someone who is traveling. And it is light- I deliberately work with a 2G network and it never stalls.
I like the feeds- of messages, activities of my team as well as that on the business dashboard which updates all the time.
But, here is something the phone app did which even the Windows 8 app did not do.

Mobile first

For long our philosophy was we would do everything on the web and only some small subset of the work while we are mobile. It worked a year back; it does not now. Our customers are all moving to mobile first.
Then, the phone offers its own unique capabilities that my laptop connected to the web does not. The ability to call customers from within the Saleswah CRM app for instance, import phone contacts with a minimum of fuss to the database etc.
To be fair, a phone or a tablet will still be primarily used to consume content- so, I expect you will still go to the web to create your HTML templates, for instance or to create a target list. So, the phone app is largely focused on contact management, task management and managing individual deal workflows. For that purpose, it is a killer- I unabashedly use it more than my laptop.

What is interesting though is that my team uses the phone with increasing regularity. They like the freedom of updating on the go.

Mobile first cloud always

Of course, when it comes to uploading an excel spreadsheet, doing initial set ups of the Saleswah account or indeed, checking out the reports- go to the web. For all history, go to the web- like closed deals and tasks.
While designing for the phone, we liberated ourselves from the constraints of the web- we did not ask ourselves: “Has it been done for the web, first? Does it exist there?”.
And, that will continue to be our philosophy going forward.

We want you to stop worrying about accessing your CRM- just be assured that your data will always be current, consistent and comprehensive- no matter on the web, tablet, laptop or phone.

Mobile first cloud always with Saleswah CRM

Because they all meet in the cloud. We may want to be Mobile first but we are Cloud always. And we will stay like this always.

Saleswah CRM on phone, desktop, web

We released the most comprehensive, large scale revamp of the Saleswah CRM in the last one year. What’s more, this also co-incided with the release of the Saleswah Windows Phone app and almost a ground-up revision of the Windows 8 app- which many of you use.

A summary of changes and what they mean for you

License terms:

You would notice that we have simplified our license terms and types considerably and added a “Free for life” category.

When you create a new account with Saleswah today, you get a chance to test drive the full capabilities of Saleswah CRM for a month. After a month, you have an option to upgrade to a paid account and continue using all the features.

This is still true. But, with some important things to remember.

  • Your license does not expire after your trial! It just gets converted to a free for life license. We call it the Saleswah Basic License. And yes, it is truly free. For life. What this allows you to do is upgrade when you are ready to, to a paid account. And, while we call it Basic, it allows you to track all your appointments (NEW!), tasks and of course manage your contacts and accounts.

As a corollary, paid licenses also become a free account upon expiry; of course, you can get back to CRM license status when you pay again!

  •  If you want to add another team member, you need to upgrade yourself to a paid account and add the new user.

New features:

1. Appointments: Now you can add appointments (create new ones, schedule and add contacts- (no matter if the contacts are part of your CRM contact list or not; just add their e-mail address) to invite them.

2. Easier and less demanding app settings: Try it! The email setting is now easy, even if you have never done this before.  And we pre-select the currency settings from your admin country.

3. The email and proposal templates: We now auto-create sample templates from your logo (yes, you still need to upload your logo!) and admin address. So, you can start emailing your clients- almost immediately.

New features on the Windows 8 App:

Windows 8 CRM1. All of the above 😀 All of the above new features in the Saleswah CRM Web App are now available in the Windows 8 Desktop App.

2. Proposals: You can email proposals right from your Desktop using pre-stored templates.

3.  Appointments: Create appointments and mail out to contacts.

The all new Windows Phone Saleswah CRM App

wp_ss_20140825_0002Contact Management, Account Management, Tasks, Appointments and Deals. Now we also add the ability to painlessly pull your phone contacts into your CRM.

Surprisingly lightweight, Saleswah CRM App on Windows Phone makes keeping abreast of your contacts, tasks, appointments and sales opportunities a breeze.



Mobile first Cloud first: Saleswah in Windows Phones

We continue our Mobile First Cloud First journey- truth be told, we started being cloud first and mobile second, till we saw the light. Saleswah released on the Windows Phone store. Right now, it languishes in relative obscurity – but, we are confident you, dear user, will soon set it right!

So, what makes it different from its older cousin – the Windows Desktop app?

It came second, so we tried harder!

While the Saleswah Lite on the Windows 8 Desktop used clicks to a large extent- because we wanted the user experience to not suffer for our largely laptop users, on the phone, we have used swipes a lot more. Because we could.

And, we havCRM on Windows Phonee understated the design a lot more in Windows Phone- the Windows 8 app is a riot of colours,       not just in the dashboard. On the phone, we have used green and grey and white. Lots of white.

And, we are rather pleased with the look. We hope you will be pleased too!


So, yes, we are in the Windows Phone Store, following up on our presence in the Windows 8 Store. Please download on your Windows Phone and check it out.



The Saleswah Lite CRM App ver 3.0

We just updated the Saleswah Lite App on the Windows store. Other than the routine bug-fixes (numerous, but funny how no one complained except me to the development team 🙂 ) here are the really big and significant Saleswah Lite CRM enhancements that you should enjoy.

Import contacts from your Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and LinkedIn accounts

import contacts from social accounts into saleswah lite crmWe might be developing on Microsoft Technologies but, when we are quite impartial really when it came to platforms.

One of the first things folks need to do when they get themselves a new CRM account, is to import their business contacts from where they are. Ten years back, it was only your diary (paper) or Execel spreadsheets. Some even had Outlook. Today, your contact list is on your email: Email/ Gmail/ Yahoo Mail or Facebook or LinkedIn.

We did not see (perhaps we are wrong) that you will keep your business contacts in Facebook. But, we just added a single click contact import from GMail, Yahoo, and for good measure from LinkedIn as well. Enjoy!

Oh, okay; this bit for Microsoft!

From the Windows store, now you can register for Saleswah CRM straight using your Windows Live credentials. We have had the ability to sign-in (not sign-up, yet!) to Saleswah using Google credentials for a year now. So, now you can create a Saleswah account (sign-up) or sign-in both using your MS credentials.

Navigate to the Saleswah CRM on the web straight from the app

The Saleswah CRM on the web has more functionality and most importantly has reports. So, we have now made it possible to go to the web version of the Saleswah CRM- so long as you are logged in to your Saleswah Lite CRM app on the desktop- in one click; you will be automatically signed in to your account in Saleswah on the web. Just click on “Web” on the top menu- see the picture on top.

We are excited! Are you? Please click here to check out the new Saleswah Lite CRM app.

Monitoring sales related activities in the Saleswah CRM app

Sales related activities and tasks

How many of your sales peoples’ actions are related to sales? Oh I know, they only work on sales related activities, right? We tend to take a little less rosy view of life.

A client recently shared some data after using Saleswah for 3 months or so. He runs a team of about 15 sales people. By his reckoning, 71% of the Tasks logged in Saleswah by his team did not directly relate to a sales opportunity.

Let me explain, quickly, what he is getting at. Saleswah, as you know allows you to create and assign Tasks. The Tasks must be owned by an account executive (sales person) and the Task must also be related to a specific client contact; and, of course they have a target completion date. Optionally, you can add more information to a Task: it can relate to a Product. But the biggest way a Task in Saleswah differs from those in Outlook or Gmail is that Tasks can be related to a Deal as well.

Now, in our client’s case, he found after 3 months that his sales team have tagged only about 30% of the Tasks to a sales opportunity. Which is why he was fuming.

Saleswah Lite CRM Task Management
Task Management

His team should really be spending more than 70% of their time on sales related activities; he grumbled.

Saleswah groups Tasks by contacts, accounts, types etc. So, slicing and dicing this data was not a problem. However, we were able to show him that his team’s focus is actually quite good. We found there is a another way of looking at the same data.

We found that even though his team was working on only 30% sales related activities; about 80% of the balance activities were related to contacts who were involved in a purchase process.

Now, THAT does not sound too bad, does it?

Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App vs Saleswah CRM

One or the other or both:

Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App or Saleswah CRM

Frankly it is not a one or the other choice- if you ask us. Ever since we launched the Saleswah Lite CRM on Windows Store, we are getting this question.

The Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App needs internet connection to work. For basic sales management – tracking an opportunity from inception to close- both Saleswah Lite and Saleswah CRM do a great job. If anything, Saleswah Lite’s user interface is even more intuitive. Staying on top of your opportunities, contacts and related tasks is a breeze.

The user interface is of the Saleswah Lite is meant for fast update and instant feedback. Update information to a deal and watch the “needle move”- quite literally- the green bars move fractionally to show how far you have progressed. Add a Task and relate it to a Contact who is a Decision Maker.

Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App does not do everything that Saleswah CRM does. It is basically for busy sales people who want to stay on top of their contacts, opportunities and related tasks. We left out advanced features like marketing campaigns, preparing quotes etc from the Windows 8 CRM app, because we figure folks are likely to do all that on the move.

The Saleswah CRM (web based) does a lot more than the app. It sends quotes, literature, helps create PO acknowledgements, sales proposals. And, of course, it shows you reports. Saleswah Lite only has the dashboard- though to be fair, it does reveal the vital stats of your sales operations.

You can use both- the Saleswah Lite and CRM, the app and the web-hosted version, both. And you should. Both are intuitive, fast and easy to use and help you manage your sales funnel.

Sign up now, for a free 15 days trial – for as many of of your team as you want.

Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows Store: fluid, intuitive and fast

The only CRM app on Windows Store which is way beyond a contact manager

The power of Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows lies in an intuitive understanding of the way salespeople work in a B2B setting.

Add an Account and a Contact- in one go, then create a Task, follow through and mark complete when done.

Add a Deal.  Add decision makers from the Contact list of the Account; even schedule Tasks against each of them. The ones that will help win the Deal!

Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows brings in intuitive user interface, logical navigation and just the right insight making this a delight for salespeople to use. It allows you to use Saleswah CRM from Windows 8 on your desktop or tab. With this app, you can create and update Contacts, Accounts, Tasks and Deals and get rare visibility into how they are related to each other.

Click here to download from the Windows Store.

Features of the Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows

• Manage Deals through all stages of the funnel through to close.
• Get visual feedback on deal stages and qualification.
• Schedule and follow up on Tasks, link them to Deals.
• Complete B2B Sales process management with full sales team hierarchy.
• Multi-currency, multi-time zone.

Saleswah Lite Dashboard for CRM

Why less is sometimes more

When it came to picking on the items to feature on the dashboard for CRM, we put on our salesperson hat. And we were ruthless with anything that did not “belong”.

We wanted this to be a dashboard for CRM which will help sales. So, we set out to pick only one type of information: namely something we could action. These to use were:

  • Who are the Contacts in our database; where did they work (Accounts)?
  • What was the size of the funnel?
  • What is the near term forecast? What business have we committed to our bosses to pull in?
  • What action is due? What are overdue?
Dashboard for CRM App
Saleswah Lite CRM on Windows 8

That’s what we built- with clickable tiles helping you jump quickly to the screen with more details- so the funnel tile, if clicked, will take you to the Deal Management screen. Forecast tile – to the Important and Urgent Screen, and so on.

We could spend more time and describe how intuitive and free-flowing and useful the dashboard is; but, why do that? Go to the Windows 8 store, download Saleswah Lite CRM and check out the Dashboard for CRM for yourself.

I think you will discover we are kindred souls, you and I.