From CRM: Compose, reply, forward, send

Compose, reply, forward, send emails from Saleswah CRM

We added the compose function to the ability to see and respond to email from a contact in Saleswah. Now you can track all your business correspondence right from within the CRM- against each contact record.

Now, that is neat! Now you can truly get a full picture of the interaction history with a client. And react right from within the CRM.

Compose, reply, forward: email compose button

So, the next screen that pops up is the compose screen for sending emails.

Not just that, if you clicked on any of the email messages, it will open and you can reply to or forward that mail like you do it from your email client.

compose, reply, forward emails from within Saleswah CRM

The set up to achieve this is simple- all users can do it. Go to your email settings, and set up your email the right way.

Need some help? Drop us a mail.

Got a question for you.

Right now we are displaying only emails exchanged in the last 15 days with the contact against the contact record.

Should this be more? Should this be less? Should we simply display the last 15 emails rather than mails from 15 days?

Let us know at


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