Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows Store: fluid, intuitive and fast

The only CRM app on Windows Store which is way beyond a contact manager

The power of Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows lies in an intuitive understanding of the way salespeople work in a B2B setting.

Add an Account and a Contact- in one go, then create a Task, follow through and mark complete when done.

Add a Deal.  Add decision makers from the Contact list of the Account; even schedule Tasks against each of them. The ones that will help win the Deal!

Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows brings in intuitive user interface, logical navigation and just the right insight making this a delight for salespeople to use. It allows you to use Saleswah CRM from Windows 8 on your desktop or tab. With this app, you can create and update Contacts, Accounts, Tasks and Deals and get rare visibility into how they are related to each other.

Click here to download from the Windows Store.

Features of the Saleswah Lite CRM App on Windows

• Manage Deals through all stages of the funnel through to close.
• Get visual feedback on deal stages and qualification.
• Schedule and follow up on Tasks, link them to Deals.
• Complete B2B Sales process management with full sales team hierarchy.
• Multi-currency, multi-time zone.

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