Saleswah CRM sync with Google Apps Contacts and Tasks

Does your company mail run on Google Apps?

If it does, have you ever felt the need for your CRM sync with Google Apps? Especially the Contact List; thus saving you the bother of having to re-enter the contact list in 2 places and worse, managing them separately.

Saleswah CRM sync with Google Apps

It is so simple that it is embarrassing to do a full blog post on it.

Contact sync with Google Apps

Click a button on the dashboard, and the contacts from your Saleswah CRM account where you are the owner, get uploaded into your linked Google Apps account. And, your business Contacts from Google Apps? They get copied into your Saleswah CRM account as well. The beauty of course is that this is bi-directional- any change you make to a linked contact, is reflected into the corresponding Contact record in the other platform.One button CRM sync with Google Apps

Tasks sync with Google Apps

Similarly, click a button on the dashboard, and the Saleswah Tasks get pulled into Google Apps. If you manage your schedule in Google Apps calendar, they will show up there for you to schedule or close/ update. The changed status will show up in Saleswah CRM as well.

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