Email templates for sales and marketing: hit the ground running

Speeding up your Saleswah CRM adoption

Custom e-mail templates for edit and reuse

Let’s face it; setting up Saleswah CRM is not your idea of fun.

We have tried making it easy, menu driven, wizard based. We have tried taking the not so essential steps away. But, the essentials still need to be done and they number quite a few.

The other complaint we get is, simply put: WHY? Or, more belligerently worded: FOR WHAT? What is the benefit of this particular step in setup that you are asking me to do?

Setting up is one bugbear; learning to use the full power of Saleswah is another. Take email templates and proposal templates for example.

Why upload your logo?

When we ask you to upload your logo and full company address, it has a purpose. Other than personalizing your experience of using the Saleswah CRM, we also use that information to create the quotation format that goes out from you. We get a lot of requests to work with them to create e-mail templates using the built-in HTML editor of Saleswah. They also request us to show them how to insert the personalization/ mail-merge tags.

Free auto-generated email templates for edit and re-use

To help you, we decided to create 2 email templates and 1 proposal template. These are of course dummy templates – but they will hopefully give you an idea of what to expect. You can edit them, freely and save them under a different name. More pertinently, you can get an idea of  how to design your own templates.

There is a trick to inserting your Company logo in the email templates. Unlike in the other personalization tags, you can not simply insert the company logo icon into the template you are designing. You need to click the “insert image” button,  and insert the company logo icon tag in the pop-up- in the field labeled “Source”. Complicated? Not really. If you still think so, we have added a couple of blank templates with the logo inserted on top.

How to get the email templates?

Simply upload your company logo and your company address. Do this carefully, as this information will be used to create your “official stationery”.

Once you update both, you will see a button like this on top. Click on it.

Create new templates from logo and address automatically: Sign up for a trial now!

Once you click on the button, you should see a confirmation message that the templates have been created.

New email marketing templates were autogenerated for you to edit and use.

Happy emailing and “proposaling”!

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