Saleswah Lite Dashboard for CRM

Why less is sometimes more

When it came to picking on the items to feature on the dashboard for CRM, we put on our salesperson hat. And we were ruthless with anything that did not “belong”.

We wanted this to be a dashboard for CRM which will help sales. So, we set out to pick only one type of information: namely something we could action. These to use were:

  • Who are the Contacts in our database; where did they work (Accounts)?
  • What was the size of the funnel?
  • What is the near term forecast? What business have we committed to our bosses to pull in?
  • What action is due? What are overdue?
Dashboard for CRM App
Saleswah Lite CRM on Windows 8

That’s what we built- with clickable tiles helping you jump quickly to the screen with more details- so the funnel tile, if clicked, will take you to the Deal Management screen. Forecast tile – to the Important and Urgent Screen, and so on.

We could spend more time and describe how intuitive and free-flowing and useful the dashboard is; but, why do that? Go to the Windows 8 store, download Saleswah Lite CRM and check out the Dashboard for CRM for yourself.

I think you will discover we are kindred souls, you and I.

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