Asking questions of enterprise sales management

What are we about?

We are about enterprise sales management. Saleswah CRM helps you in selling products and services to other businesses.

CRM is a vastly misused term. Anything from a spreadsheet to a rolodex- a CRM has been used to describe many things, a lot of it is not even software!

And then, because a lot of our business interactions deal with people- “contacts” in CRM-speak, it is not surprise that contact management is a big chunk of CRM. Many CRMs simply stop there- they simply manage contact profiles- social media and all. Then they manage interactions, appointments and through in the sales piece as almost an afterthought.

The workplace – where these contacts go to work 10 hours a day- is not so important in many CRMs. Because their root is in Contact Management.

Saleswah is about enterprise sales management

Saleswah was built by people with deep roots in enterprise sales management- big and small. And it shows in the way it is built. “Accounts”- companies where contacts work have as much if not more importance. While interactions still get captured by contacts, they are grouped by accounts.

And, sales targets and achievements are captured by Accounts.

enterprise sales management CRM

Saleswah understands the true nature of enterprise sales. Long gestation cycle, multiple influencers and their roles, mutiple touch points and often formal nature of proposals and quotations. For a CRM to be effective in enterprise sales management, it has to map the linkages. It has to manage territories, teams and hierarchies- both internally and at customer locations.

It does not mean abandoning contact management. Neither does it mean not capturing contact interactions or updating profiles. But it does mean leveraging the interactions for business results. Recognizing that the business is long term. By logging history and linkages. Also by recognizing that it is the enterprise – a collective- which is your customer.


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