How a large distributor operations uses Saleswah

How a leading multibrand automotive components dealer used Saleswah

Mr S runs a large sales team. His operations are based out of Delhi he has branch offices in 10 other cities. His 120 salesmen are all over India; based out of any of the 10 branches.

He runs a large multi-product dealership of automotive spare parts and his key to success is keeping his “customers” supplied- the network of shops who he supplies around the country – in small towns and big.

He wanted to measure how many of them are being met weekly, who among his salesmen are meeting their goals, which branch is on top of numbers and so on. He also wanted to capture “qualitiative feedback” from the visits by salesmen to all the shops.

His salesmen are away for a week or more on outstation visits with only simple mobile connectivity. He wanted a simple way to create a list of things for them to do while on tour, push communication to them while they are away and review their progress when they are back, face to face. He wanted his branch managers to do the salesmen reviews. He is more interested in data and insights from the visits. How many calls, who is dissatisfied, who needs a follow up visit and so on.

He turned to Saleswah.

His branch offices get calls from shops far away all through the day. Earlier, “it was all chits of paper and frantic calls to salesmen”. It was all very haphazard. Now, the receptionists in the branches do not take notes; they simply log the calls in Saleswah. Whether it is a new enquiry or a specific request from a shop, it gets logged into Saleswah.

“Everything is online now,” says, Mr P, branch manager. “We know how many calls have been assigned to an executive, and when he is back from his tour, we can sit together and do a review”. Earlier, it would normally wait for the next visit to get back to a customer in a far flung location; today, many times, they get a visit in a day or two.

The results are showing: sales are up and importanty, sales people are able to make their visits count- they know which shops have asked for them.

Mr S says now he has a proper basis of evaluating his branches. “I often wondered if some people are successful because they are in a easy territory?” He wonders no more. Saleswah reports tell him. Now he knows the good performers from the brilliant ones.

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