Importing contacts: from Google and Microsoft

.. no longer importing contacts from Yahoo or LinkedIn

In the latest release we did on the Saleswah platform, we have removed the ability to import your contacts from Yahoo and LinkedIn directly. Importing from Google and Microsoft (Hotmail) are still possible.

Here’s why we did it and what we might do in future

The LinkedIn API, through which we were pulling in data no longer supplies any contact information like Mobile/ Email addresses. For a CRM, it is pretty much useless to have contacts in your database without contact information.

The Yahoo API has gone through some changes as well. Not so much in the data it supplies but in the way it does it. We thought it was prudent to pull it out till we understood the implications more.

While it is impossible to be precise or certain about our plans with these connections, my gut feel is we will be back with Yahoo! connector soon. But, the LinkedIn connector looks very uncertain at this point in time.

So, if you wish to import your contacts from Yahoo or LinkedIn to Saleswah, go ahead, export them into a spreadsheet first. Then use the Contact Upload facility to upload the Excel spreadsheet.

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