Interesting browser stats on Saleswah dot com

We capture browsing behaviour on our sites..

I hope that is not a surprise; today everyone does (here’s where you go to check our privacy policy). What was interesting though probably not a surprise was the recent insight we got from the data we capture.

Here’s a snapshot of the most common browsers folks have used to visit and navigate through our pages on Saleswah CRM site.

How people visit saleswah dot comSo, a browser introduced about 4 years back is used by almost 2/5 of the visitors to our site.

Firefox is the next significant followed by IE. We decided to lump all the FF versions and IE versions together in another table and lumped every other browser under “Others”. Here’s what we got.

Summary of browsing behavior on saleswah dot com

The good news is that we have not seen any page abandon rate increases or complaints from folks unable to use the pages or the application because  their browsers could not handle our application or website. Though, Firefox users seem to have significantly lower page-views. We will watch it next month and see if there is something we need to understand here.

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