Logging meeting notes in your CRM app

Saleswah CRM v 2.8 released yesterday on the playstore. The sales functionality underwent a major revamp.

We all make client calls. Hours later, we forget key points or are unable to link it to the key narrative or the current activities underway with the client. We take notes in the notebook and the CRM does not know enough of the work we are doing on a client account.

Log a meeting Meeting

Now, with the current version release, we solve three related issues.

  1. We log a meeting, start time and capture the meeting duration when we close the meeting. We capture the person met. We even capture the street address, automatically from the phone GPS location. This, we believe takes care of the “logistics” of the meeting totally.
  2. We allow the meeting to be tagged to the relevant Account, Contact, Task or Deal. So, you know over a period of time, how many of your meetings are related to Tasks or Deals.
  3. We make it possible to jot down meeting notes right inside the app so, you don’t forget the key points. And, whenever you are working on the deal, you will remember the commitments from the last meeting.

What do you think? Let us know.

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