The most meaningful SAAS metrics

I saw this tweet the other day. From @jasonlk.

SAAS advice





Yes. One of the most stunning advice I read a few years back- was to stop reading all that I was reading on the net and focus on doing actual work.

So, this is not advice. Who am I do give you advice anyway?

Virtually all advice is rooted in context. And examples and war stories are what we know have worked for others.

We ignore geography, culture, time. We simply believe because we want to. And, there is so much of it.

So, here’s me sharing what SAAS metrics we look at every morning. Something we do as a company.

It’s simple.

How many users logged in to our service yesterday. And, how much time they spent on our software.

That’s it.

This is the most meaningful SAAS metrics that is shared in group meetings- when those numbers fall, we feel the pain. These are numbers that everyone can own up to. We built the software- why aren’t more and more people, organizations using it?

When those numbers grow- we cheer.

Yes, we do look at revenue. We focus on revenue growth. But, not all in the company do. The user and usage growth metrics is for all of us.

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