Metamorphosis: Saleswah CRM new look

Saleswah CRM now sports a brand new look

Since being launched more than 5 years back, Saleswah CRM just went though the most comprehensive overhaul of UI ever in its life. Saleswah CRM for Sales users will henceforth login to a totally different interface.

Now, we all know that UI changes can be problematic. As a user, you are used to a button being at a certain place. Or the menu revealing a certain number of options in a certain way.

Suddenly that changes.

So, we have been testing with a variety of current users who were generous enough with their time and we know we are on the right path- we have not yet had to set up a demo with anyone. So, if the test was to be intuitive, simple yet retain the functionality of the old UI, we believe it passes.

We took a few daring decisions with the UI- we believe it paid off.

First, the new UI has far fewer pages than the old one. And it makes use of the calendar to subsume the Tasks, Meetings etc.

Secondly, we have gone overboard with reports- the number of reports are many more and the dashboards are more informative.

We set out to create a look which was modern yet simple. But, we also wanted our pages to load faster and improve user experience.

We have rolled this out now to all users who have a Saleswah CRM for Sales account. And any new registrations will make you use the new UI.

New UI, new home

Saleswah CRM for Sales users will henceforth login to their accounts at

We are working to migrate the service accounts users to a new UI too. Watch this space!

Hope you like what you see. Please mail us at accountservices AT saleswah DOT com and let us know your feedback and if you need some help.


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