Mobile first Cloud always

Mobile first Cloud always

Mobile data is also in cloud

Among the biggest challenges of working with customers are the 3 C’s of currency, comprehensiveness and context.


How current is the information that you have of your Contact?

That is why, we allow you to sync your contacts and Tasks with your Google Apps account; so that your information is current and relevant- saving you time as well. And if you are using the Saleswah App on Windows Phone- we allow you to pull in your Contacts from phone.


wp_ss_20141011_0001Do you have all the information in one place? (Add another C – Cogency: can you make sense of the information at a glance, in a digestible format?)
That is why we show you all the contact history, activities- open as well as past, and a summary of all involvements in sales opportunities: in one place.


Your contact is in your phone, in Outlook or Gmail or LinkedIn or maybe even in Facebook. But, when the context is sales, you need the Contact and his activities in your CRM.
That is why, when you call your CRM contact by tapping his phone number from within the Saleswah App, it asks you if this was in the context of an ongoing Deal or pending Task.

The advantage of being mobile

Since Saleswah launched on the desktop as a Windows 8 app, I have been spending less and less time using the web and more time with the app. I like the speed- even though even today, after eight revisions, it is still not as powerful as the web version. The web version is the most comprehensive that there is.
Now we launched the Saleswah on Windows phone and I anticipate spending even less time on the web.wp_ss_20141011_0005
For one, it is convenient. For someone who is traveling. And it is light- I deliberately work with a 2G network and it never stalls.
I like the feeds- of messages, activities of my team as well as that on the business dashboard which updates all the time.
But, here is something the phone app did which even the Windows 8 app did not do.

Mobile first

For long our philosophy was we would do everything on the web and only some small subset of the work while we are mobile. It worked a year back; it does not now. Our customers are all moving to mobile first.
Then, the phone offers its own unique capabilities that my laptop connected to the web does not. The ability to call customers from within the Saleswah CRM app for instance, import phone contacts with a minimum of fuss to the database etc.
To be fair, a phone or a tablet will still be primarily used to consume content- so, I expect you will still go to the web to create your HTML templates, for instance or to create a target list. So, the phone app is largely focused on contact management, task management and managing individual deal workflows. For that purpose, it is a killer- I unabashedly use it more than my laptop.

What is interesting though is that my team uses the phone with increasing regularity. They like the freedom of updating on the go.

Mobile first cloud always

Of course, when it comes to uploading an excel spreadsheet, doing initial set ups of the Saleswah account or indeed, checking out the reports- go to the web. For all history, go to the web- like closed deals and tasks.
While designing for the phone, we liberated ourselves from the constraints of the web- we did not ask ourselves: “Has it been done for the web, first? Does it exist there?”.
And, that will continue to be our philosophy going forward.

We want you to stop worrying about accessing your CRM- just be assured that your data will always be current, consistent and comprehensive- no matter on the web, tablet, laptop or phone.

Mobile first cloud always with Saleswah CRM

Because they all meet in the cloud. We may want to be Mobile first but we are Cloud always. And we will stay like this always.

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