How to handle multi-location clients

Multi-location clients need special treatment

When you have multi-location clients, you need to be careful and understand how those offices work with each other.

This is of course in the context of your business. How they deal with you. How they procure from you. How you service them.

Sometimes you need to group them. Sometimes you need to look at them separately. You might want to know at a “global” level how much is Reliance worth to you as a client, for example. Or, you might want to know how much business you get from their UP circle. Or even how many of their sites/ offices are your customer support people servicing in the country.

Sometimes aggregate. Sometimes dis-aggregate.

Multi-location clients have a parent

Just introduced the concept of “Parent Account” in Saleswah.

This enables you to group multiple accounts under one parent account. So, if you are selling to HCL (say)- who have tens of addresses in NOIDA alone and hundreds around the globe, you can choose to group all or some of them under one parent company.

Handling multi-location clients using Parent AccountHelps in reporting. Helps in knowing that even if one particular office is not giving a lot of business, it belongs to a large organization which is very very important! And, you will have data to back it up!


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