Online CRM with Outlook integration

Last week we wrote about Saleswah Lite ver 2.0. And we promised to write about the benefits of an online CRM with Outlook integration.

There are Outlook based CRMs and there are online CRM with outlook integration

We are in the latter category. Primarily. Even though, Saleswah Lite is not just a front-end to the Saleswah online CRM. It is a standalone CRM that does pretty much most things that an individual chasing deals may want to do.

It tracks your Contacts and schedules the Tasks using the native Outlook functionality. And, on top of that, it allows you to track sales opportunities and even the tasks related to the opportunity.

Know who your sales prospects are, how much is their “value” and what you need to do to win

Seems straightforward, and it is, for many individual salesmen. But, it does not work for a team. A team needs to share, customer profiles, interaction history and results.

Why would you want your online CRM to have Outlook integration?

Many reasons. Firstly, your Business Contacts are all there in the Outlook. So, if Saleswah Lite works with Saleswah online, it saves you from having to enter and update contact details in two places. You get to work offline and synchronise when you get internet access.

What does integration get you?

After you register and link your Saleswah Lite with Saleswah CRM, you can sync your Contacts, Accounts, Deals and related Tasks bidirectionally. Not only that, you can sync your product list and custom Task types.

Benefits of online CRM with Outlook integration

The benefits start pouring in. You get access to Saleswah online features- like campaign management, sending proposals and quotes. You get access to online reports. And, of course, you get to work and share with your other team members who are also using Saleswah CRM to manage their opportunities.

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