What is registration?

Registering on behalf of your organization is necessary to use Saleswah. It is a simple process, takes barely 2 minutes, costs nothing. Yes, registration is free!

You will get Saleswah CRM for Sales free trial for 30 days as an admin user- with access to all the features. This should be enough time for you to test out all Saleswah functions and decide if Saleswah is for you.

What are the costs of using Saleswah?

Once the Saleswah CRM free trial expires, please choose the appropriate license level in Saleswah:

  • Saleswah Basic: which allows you to manage Contacts, Accounts, Appointments and Tasks. This is available only for individual users and is free! Team users, or those needing more functionality, must purchase the CRM license
  • Saleswah CRM: for doing email marketing, sending quotes, purchase order acknowledgements and proposals in addition to all other functionality of Saleswah Basic.

Other than license fees, what else do I pay for?

Nothing! We do not charge for storage as others do. We do not charge a start-up fee or set up fee. We do not charge for integrating with Google Apps as other do.

Can I cancel my paid subscription? Refunds?

We offer licenses on per user per month (or, at a substantial yearly discount). You can cancel your subscription anytime, but there will be no refund of the license fees paid. Please use the free trial period and our offer of free online demo to test out the product before subscribing.

How many users do I pay for?

You pay for all registered users. Payment needs to be made in advance; you can choose to pay monthly or avail significant cost savings by opting for our annual payment terms.

What does a user need to use Saleswah?

A computer or a smart-phone connected to the internet is all she needs. Your sales people can even use it from a cyber-cafe for half an hour every day. It is absolutely secure.

Same user license is valid across the Windows Desktop, Web browser and mobile apps.

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