CRM customization: bending Saleswah to your business

In the initial days of Saleswah, we have resisted pressures for CRM customization. We had primarily two reasons.

We were building a product with a definite end-goal in mind. Any “side-projects”, as many of these were, would have seriously distracted us from our purpose.

Further, Saleswah was not stable. We were struggling with basic issues, with the core product and we did not feel we wanted slap-dash experiments like “add a field there”, “hide this field there”, “change the navigation from here to there”.

We started saying no, then it became a force of habit. We forgot the basic reasons why we were not customizing. Even when, those reasons clearly belonged to the past. All those of you who have used the product over the years, have paid for it in more than money- you have given us invaluable suggestions to round off the edges and make it a complete product.

In the last three months, we have implemented large scale CRM customization work for a printing company, for a cosmetics sales team and a publishing house. In each case, we were ourselves surprised as to how seamlessly the interface adapted itself to changed business rules for these customers, terminologies and (labels) and dashboarding end-goals.

And, now that Saleswah CRM is an Android app, we are working fast to fulfil our goal to make it the CRM for choice for business scenarios. All CRM customization projects were led by the customers’ needs to equip their teams with mobile phones. Saleswah works so well when the team size is large and working in spread out geographies.

Mobile first, web first. Let’s hear how we can work with your business scenario.


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