Go Google! Saleswah CRM is now on the Google Apps Marketplace

Saleswah CRM Google Apps listing

The Google Apps Marketplace is an evergrowing ecosystem. It brings small and medium and increasingly large enterprises (think US military!!) who use it for running their enterprise- email, docs, spreadsheets and third party apps which work closely and seamlessly with the Google Apps services.
We are excited to announce that Saleswah CRM is now listed on the Google Apps marketplace. After a weeklong scrutiny of our app, testing for tight linkages with Google’s own services- a pre-requisite and ensuring that we conform to the highest standards of security- Single Sign On (SSO) using Google credentials, Google allowed us to list on the marketplace.

Saleswah CRM Google Apps Marketplace

This makes us the only CRM vendor in India (probably Asia) to list on the Google Apps marketplace and definitely the ONLY one who lists on the Windows 8 Marketplace and Windows Phone 8 Store as well. Listing on these marketplaces are all technical feats and integration challenges while ensuring the use experience is kept foremost. So, it is a nice warm glow that envelops us right now!

We have a really young team and the credit goes to their almost childish enthusiasm and almost fanatical obsession with getting it right.
In the coming days, we plan on rapid and deep integration across a slew of Google services so that you can work in multiple environments- Google and Saleswah and not worry about your data duplication across Contacts, Calendars, Tasks etc.

Our vision is to be the CRM of choice for professionals and enterprises who work and share data across multiple platforms and devices. Over the next weeks and months, there will be a series of announcements from us giving shape to the vision.
Exciting times ahead. Wish us luck!

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