Calendar invites on windows phones do not work

Calendar invites and other frustrations on Windows phones

I have been using a Windows phone for just about 6 months now. There are things that take getting used to, but overall, I quite like my Lumia. My other phone is a vintage Android and due for a replacement; the more choices I see in the market, more I delay!

So, I read with interest Mukund Mohan’s piece on why he thinks the Xiaomi MI3 is just not the phone for him. His reasons are unexceptionable. I only want to point out that one of the reasons he uses a phone, is email.

Mukund has an issue with receiving configuring emails on the MI3 with Microsoft Exchange. To quote:

First: email. As I mentioned, I have Exchange and our corporate policy requires encryption of the phone to access email. That does not work with MIUI. After 5 restarts and 4 hard resets, I still dont have my Exchange email. Which also means my calendar is not available. It is a known bug according to Xiaomi and there is no ETA on the fix.

The work around is I downloaded another email client, which seems to work, but my contacts and calendar on Exchange still dont sync. That absolutely is a deal breaker for me.

Now, I have been using the Windows phone (Lumia) and it does not handle calendar invites in mail at all- UNLESS, you guessed it, the invite is created from a MS-Outlook client.

How lame is that?

Broken calendar invite

If I send a calendar invite from my Google Apps email, he will receive an email, but it will not have the .ics file as an attachment – forget the embedded calendar invite that shows up in other mail clients. I did a Google search for this issue and came up with this on the Microsoft forum. As you can see, the issue is pretty old and there is really no solution. Does Microsoft really think the whole world uses Outlook?

This, in a quick succession is my second frustration with MS- the last one was when we figured their Outlook API will share all details of the Contacts except where they work. Think; they will share the email, mobile everything- but apparently the place of work is classified information.

When I started using the Lumia, I was floored with the battery life and the smoothness of the scroll even in a cheap phone. The display is great as is the screen- no screen-guard for the last 6 months and the screen is scratch-less.

The first major irritant was the inability to mark emails as spam from within the phone email client. Apparently Microsoft voted for minimalism here in their design- but, with me doing almost all the email work on my phone, it really is a pain to use the laptop to manage my mail filters. I have lived with it, not happily but .. well! The issue with the Calendar invite is more serious, however.

Since the Windows phone marketshare is 3% of the smartphone market worldwide and not showing signs of increasing, Microsoft has to do all the running to ensure it does things that others already do. If I am unable to accept your calendar invite on my Windows phone, I will not campaign to have the world work on Windows phone or Outlook.

Let me show you how the same calendar invite created from Saleswah CRM shows up on a colleageue’s phone email client running Android 4.3.

Calendar invite showing up on a Android 4.3 phone mail client Calendar invite - options to accept or refuse



Just in case you were wondering, the Windows email client shows the calendar invite email as this (see below to the left):

Windows phone calendar invite email

See above, to the right how the same calendar is displayed on my ancient Android 2.3.6 phone- a phone I am almost ashamed to show in public :).  I rest my case.

We are MS- fanboys. We develop first for Windows and Phone and then on to other platforms. Why do I get the feeling that MS simply does not listen?

Saleswah CRM on phone, desktop, web

We released the most comprehensive, large scale revamp of the Saleswah CRM in the last one year. What’s more, this also co-incided with the release of the Saleswah Windows Phone app and almost a ground-up revision of the Windows 8 app- which many of you use.

A summary of changes and what they mean for you

License terms:

You would notice that we have simplified our license terms and types considerably and added a “Free for life” category.

When you create a new account with Saleswah today, you get a chance to test drive the full capabilities of Saleswah CRM for a month. After a month, you have an option to upgrade to a paid account and continue using all the features.

This is still true. But, with some important things to remember.

  • Your license does not expire after your trial! It just gets converted to a free for life license. We call it the Saleswah Basic License. And yes, it is truly free. For life. What this allows you to do is upgrade when you are ready to, to a paid account. And, while we call it Basic, it allows you to track all your appointments (NEW!), tasks and of course manage your contacts and accounts.

As a corollary, paid licenses also become a free account upon expiry; of course, you can get back to CRM license status when you pay again!

  •  If you want to add another team member, you need to upgrade yourself to a paid account and add the new user.

New features:

1. Appointments: Now you can add appointments (create new ones, schedule and add contacts- (no matter if the contacts are part of your CRM contact list or not; just add their e-mail address) to invite them.

2. Easier and less demanding app settings: Try it! The email setting is now easy, even if you have never done this before.  And we pre-select the currency settings from your admin country.

3. The email and proposal templates: We now auto-create sample templates from your logo (yes, you still need to upload your logo!) and admin address. So, you can start emailing your clients- almost immediately.

New features on the Windows 8 App:

Windows 8 CRM1. All of the above 😀 All of the above new features in the Saleswah CRM Web App are now available in the Windows 8 Desktop App.

2. Proposals: You can email proposals right from your Desktop using pre-stored templates.

3.  Appointments: Create appointments and mail out to contacts.

The all new Windows Phone Saleswah CRM App

wp_ss_20140825_0002Contact Management, Account Management, Tasks, Appointments and Deals. Now we also add the ability to painlessly pull your phone contacts into your CRM.

Surprisingly lightweight, Saleswah CRM App on Windows Phone makes keeping abreast of your contacts, tasks, appointments and sales opportunities a breeze.



Mobile first Cloud first: Saleswah in Windows Phones

We continue our Mobile First Cloud First journey- truth be told, we started being cloud first and mobile second, till we saw the light. Saleswah released on the Windows Phone store. Right now, it languishes in relative obscurity – but, we are confident you, dear user, will soon set it right!

So, what makes it different from its older cousin – the Windows Desktop app?

It came second, so we tried harder!

While the Saleswah Lite on the Windows 8 Desktop used clicks to a large extent- because we wanted the user experience to not suffer for our largely laptop users, on the phone, we have used swipes a lot more. Because we could.

And, we havCRM on Windows Phonee understated the design a lot more in Windows Phone- the Windows 8 app is a riot of colours,       not just in the dashboard. On the phone, we have used green and grey and white. Lots of white.

And, we are rather pleased with the look. We hope you will be pleased too!


So, yes, we are in the Windows Phone Store, following up on our presence in the Windows 8 Store. Please download on your Windows Phone and check it out.