The Saleswah Sales CRM dashboard now loads 10-100X faster

Ever since we migrated the Saleswah CRM to the newer platform, it is winning plaudits and applause from our customers for functionality and visual appeal.

We are making upto the minute metrics relevant for sales available on your desktop. This helps ensure sales reviews with your team are conducted on the basis of same data. There is a catch though.
Every time you log in to the CRM or come back to the dashboard many real time calculations are performed.  Large number of queries are fired at the database and the results are aggregated, pivoted,  and otherwise “massaged” to show up on your own personalized dashboard.

Saleswah Sales CRM Dashboard

Mercifully you are unaware of all the complexity at the backend- and that’s how it will remain. Suffice it to say that we discovered recently that the dashboard was literally crawling under the weight of the queries. It was taking a long time to load if the data size for any of the items: open leads, deals, tasks  or appointments  became large.

We fixed it today. Hope you see a difference. 

What is the Sales CRM dashboard telling you?

When you login the default view is that of the current month and current Financial Year. The focus is on giving you a close look at the things that matter to you – the tasks and appointments, the forecasts, the pending or overdue commitments etc.

You can shift the calendar month to go back in time or forward to see what the next month (s) look like. And, you can obviously navigate to the item of interest from the dashboard.

If you want to drill down to the level of a junior, do that. All data on this page and others will get filtered automatically to her level.

Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App vs Saleswah CRM

One or the other or both:

Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App or Saleswah CRM

Frankly it is not a one or the other choice- if you ask us. Ever since we launched the Saleswah Lite CRM on Windows Store, we are getting this question.

The Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App needs internet connection to work. For basic sales management – tracking an opportunity from inception to close- both Saleswah Lite and Saleswah CRM do a great job. If anything, Saleswah Lite’s user interface is even more intuitive. Staying on top of your opportunities, contacts and related tasks is a breeze.

The user interface is of the Saleswah Lite is meant for fast update and instant feedback. Update information to a deal and watch the “needle move”- quite literally- the green bars move fractionally to show how far you have progressed. Add a Task and relate it to a Contact who is a Decision Maker.

Saleswah Lite Windows 8 CRM App does not do everything that Saleswah CRM does. It is basically for busy sales people who want to stay on top of their contacts, opportunities and related tasks. We left out advanced features like marketing campaigns, preparing quotes etc from the Windows 8 CRM app, because we figure folks are likely to do all that on the move.

The Saleswah CRM (web based) does a lot more than the app. It sends quotes, literature, helps create PO acknowledgements, sales proposals. And, of course, it shows you reports. Saleswah Lite only has the dashboard- though to be fair, it does reveal the vital stats of your sales operations.

You can use both- the Saleswah Lite and CRM, the app and the web-hosted version, both. And you should. Both are intuitive, fast and easy to use and help you manage your sales funnel.

Sign up now, for a free 15 days trial – for as many of of your team as you want.

Saleswah Lite Dashboard for CRM

Why less is sometimes more

When it came to picking on the items to feature on the dashboard for CRM, we put on our salesperson hat. And we were ruthless with anything that did not “belong”.

We wanted this to be a dashboard for CRM which will help sales. So, we set out to pick only one type of information: namely something we could action. These to use were:

  • Who are the Contacts in our database; where did they work (Accounts)?
  • What was the size of the funnel?
  • What is the near term forecast? What business have we committed to our bosses to pull in?
  • What action is due? What are overdue?

Dashboard for CRM App
Saleswah Lite CRM on Windows 8

That’s what we built- with clickable tiles helping you jump quickly to the screen with more details- so the funnel tile, if clicked, will take you to the Deal Management screen. Forecast tile – to the Important and Urgent Screen, and so on.

We could spend more time and describe how intuitive and free-flowing and useful the dashboard is; but, why do that? Go to the Windows 8 store, download Saleswah Lite CRM and check out the Dashboard for CRM for yourself.

I think you will discover we are kindred souls, you and I.

The new Saleswah CRM dashboard for users

Saleswah CRM dashboard is now full of numbers

The vital statistics at a glance:

We went live with the Saleswah CRM dashboard over the weekend. Right now it is all numbers- no graph. But, these are the most “revealing” numbers about how your business is doing. These give the individual user or manager a snapshot view of Accounts, Contacts, Activities, Pending Tasks and of course sales opportunities and forecast.

In addition to your logging in and checking the CRM dashboard, users also get an email every morning with the dashboard. Clicking on any of the links brings you to the specific list online in Saleswah (after logging in, of course).

Saleswah CRM Dashboard- insight drives action
Saleswah CRM Dashboard on the web

The CRM Dashboard is the main dashboard. Every customer Account (your client company ) page also has a dashboard called the Account Dashboard. To see what that looks like, click here.

If you have any suggestions regarding additional numbers you want to see on the Saleswah CRM dashboard; drop us an email.


Update dated 2nd September 2013:

We are in the midst of a huge revamp of the look and feel and usability of the Saleswah CRM app. One of the prime objectives is to make more digestible information available to our users from the data that they bring into their CRM.

So, if you have any bright ideas on what you would like to see in the reports and the CRM dashboard- the kind of data you think you would like to look at before you start your day in the office: please email your suggestion to us. Serious suggestions, irrespective of whether we implement them or not, will get a Saleswah CRM user license for 3 months for free. And, if we implement them? You will get 12 months of usage free of a Saleswah CRM license! So, hurry. Send your suggestion now!