Meetings and appointments scheduling

How my friends (and users) helped refine appointments scheduling in Saleswah

A fortnight back, we had just created an ability to invite our Contacts to a meeting- more commonly known as the “Appointments” feature. We were still testing and on a lark, I decided to set up a formal appointment with four friends using Saleswah CRM, for a Thursday evening beer and Biriyani.

It was raw, it was work in progress but, it was effective. The email invite reached all of them- 1 declined, 3 accepted. And the party got underway in a suburban mall. The invite read as follows:

On Thu, Nov 6, 2014 at 4:25 PM, Saleswah CRM Appointment Services <> wrote:

Anindya Chatterjee has set up the following appointment with details:
Delhi Gang- evening Party
Starting at : Nov 6 2014 5:00PM
Ending at : Nov 6 2014 9:00PM
at star city mall, mayur vihar
Please confirm directly with Anindya Chatterjee at or Call +91 999 017 2233.

Saleswah CRM Appointments Service on behalf of Anindya Chatterjee

Pleasantries over, I turned to the guy sitting next to me and wanted to see the invite that he has received on his phone. As he showed it to me, he told me a few things he expected.

He wanted this to be a proper calendar invite- something he wanted to add to his calendar which is integrated with his mail client. So, he could decline or accept- and have it appear (or not) in his calendar.

Ah, okay. So, we postponed our feature launch by a couple of weeks, baked in the ability to send a proper calendar invite (.ics file) and for good measure implemented Google Calendar Sync. So, you can authorise Saleswah to write this calendar item to your linked Google (or Google Apps) calendar. Not just that, if you make changes, add participants etc to the calendar entry in Google, the changes will show up in Saleswah too.

Here’s how the invite shows up on my (admittedly vintage) Android phone calendar.

Appointments scheduling in CRM

We are pretty kicked about it. I hope it works for you as well.

Folks we want to thank


Firstly, we want to thank Google for letting us use Google Apps for free.
Google Apps is the suite of office productivity tools like Gmail, Calendar, Docs, that all businesses today need to run- no matter whether you use Microsoft or Open Office or Google.

We use Microsoft Office but we also use Google Apps for sharing and collaboration. And, our email runs on Google Apps. The same look and feel of Gmail, the same fantastic anti-spam features; except that it is integrated with our domain. So, we can mail you from anwesha dot in rather than having to conduct business from a personal looking abc** at gmail dot com or even, (horror!)

Google Apps for business is free for upto 10 users; after that it is 5$ per month per user. For that you get huge storage, secure IT infrastructure and all the office apps that you possibly need. It’s a no-brainer; especially if you consider the alternative is to worry about hardware, software, hosting, connectivity and so on.


The reason Saleswah charts look so good is because we use Fusion Charts to output them to! And, believe it or not, Fusion Charts has a free version as well; which we use!

Fusion charts is a tool for creating great charts, gauges and maps. We code the logic behind each report, dump the XML into Fusion chart and Fusion chart converts that into pretty nice looking charts.

…and, even though we have already thanked them, once more won’t harm..

We want to thank Microsoft for making available all the development tools and office productivity tools worth thousands of dollars for free under the Microsoft BizSpark program. Thanks, Microsoft. No matter what anyone says, you rock!



Working with Google Tasks from Saleswah

Saleswah provides the cleanest Google Apps CRM integration!

Have you ever wished that you did not have to go out of your “office” environment and into the CRM environment only to track sales related tasks and activities. We just made it possible to sync Google Tasks with Saleswah CRM.

It is simple. So simple that we refuse to post a video; seriously!

All we will say is this. If you are using Saleswah CRM using your Google Apps domain email address then you can download your assigned tasks to your Google Apps Tasks where they will also appear on your calendar.

These tasks will be tagged “Saleswah”. You can mark them as complete or change the target date and have the changes reflected in the Saleswah CRM or vice versa.

Yes, bi-directional sync of tasks between Saleswah CRM and Google Apps is now live. Sign up for a free account now.