Sales proposal templates for all situations

Formal proposals will always have a place in sales.

When we started off in sales, there was no computer. So everytime we needed to create a proposal, we needed to do it from scratch. Even if there was some sort of a company wide archival of “best in class proposals”- leveraging them for future proposals was tough.

Now with the internet enabled sales tools, there is no reason why you can’t share and leverage each other’s proposal within the the company. Creating sales proposal templates ensures you are able to do that, effectively.

Benefits of using sales proposal templates

Leverage of work done once: Share the benefit of the hard work done by a team member. Any good proposal can be selected and leveraged companywide.

Situational: Create proposals for all occasions e.g: one for company introduction, one for sharing contact information after the first meeting, another for accompanying a formal quote etc.

Product specific or industry specific: Create proposals which talk about your leadership in a certain product category or in a certain market segment.

Saleswah sales proposal template

Of course, while creating the proposal templates, it is good to embed the personalization tags as appropriate, so that when someone mails them out to their customer contact, the email goes out personally addressed and also mail merges other information to create a great experience.

Professional sales proposal templates go a long way in establishing you as a reliable vendor. Invest time and resources to creating and maintaining a rich body of well cataloged templates.


New features in Saleswah

In the past one month, we added a bunch of advanced CRM features in Saleswah. We also tweaked many screens to make them easier to use.

Here’s what we did, in no particular order:

1. Sales proposals: we have now added the ability to send professional looking proposals on email. Of course, you can use your letterhead, graphics, formatting and anything else to make this look professional.

Who will use it: Salespeople sending proposals to important clients; distribution channel managers sending monthly updated price lists to their partners etc.

You can create once, and modify and reuse many times.  Best of all, you can create and make it available for the entire organization for their use, for their own customers.

Send a sales proposal to clients

Send monthly price-list to your distributors using Saleswah's Sales Proposal feature









2. Purchase orders:

Convert an existing quotation into a purchase order, record the amendments to terms and conditions, change prices and/ or discount levels and mail back a properly formatted purchase order to your customer. Of course, mention the expected shipping date and any other terms and conditions.

Purchase order acknowldgement from Saleswah CRM

3. Now, add a contact in less than 2 minutes:

Let’s start with a visiting card; like this:

Visiting card of a contact for upload in Saleswah
Visiting card for upload into Saleswah

Saleswah allows you to open the “Add new contact” and start typing in directly, without worrying about whether the “Account” exists in the database or not.

Type in the name, the phone numbers and designation and email address; just the way it flows in a typical visiting card.

Then, you start typing in the “Account Name”, Anwesha Custome.. and well before you have reached the end of Anwesha, you will see Saleswah come up with choices- of Account Names that match; or, if they don’t, no choices- like here, so you click “New Account”.

New contact creation in less than 2 minutes using Saleswah CRMWhen you do, you get choices.

Is your client a one man shop- like a trader in the automobile market? Or is he part of a large organization?

If it is the latter, like here, select Company Account and go ahead and input the rest of the data in the card; click submit to save the account details and then click Save to save the Contact record itself.

The second part of the 2 minute process of creating a new contact in SaleswahLet us know what new features you would like to see in the coming days. If you want to test out Saleswah, login for a no obligation demo. Right here!