Targeted email marketing

Advanced targeted email marketing features

Hit sales targets with targeted email marketingWe are rolling out some truly advanced features to our targeted email marketing engine.

To recall, we have always had fairly advanced capabilities for targeted email marketing on Saleswah. To sum up, these are:

Ability to create an html email using the built in tool (or import an html email). Saleswah also allows embedding personalization tags (mail merge features) and will let you automate event registrations by individual tracking of clicks on the email body.

Ability to send the email out to a carefully selected group of contacts who are expected to react favourably to the marketing message in the email by virtue of their profile or activity history. Saleswah has an easy to use query builder to ensure your marketing message reaches the right audience.

– Finally, the email sending; which is basically “associating” the right target list created in step 2 above with an email template created in step 1.

After Saleswah sends out the emails, on the same page, it opens a real-time dashboard: a list of contacts (email recipients) who may have clicked on an embedded “Register” link to let you know of their desire to attend a seminar or any such marketing event.

If all the above was not impressive enough, here’s what we just rolled out:

1. After associating the target list, now you can do last minute clean-ups: remove contacts one by one or even add new ones who you want the email to go to.

2. You can remove duplicates from the mail-list; click on “remove duplicates” and you will be presented the duplicate emails in the database the emailer is going out to.

(Pssst.. we have in fact implemented another feature to reduce email overload: now Saleswah will screen out, at the time of mailing, the duplicate emails from going out ๐Ÿ™‚ , just in case you don’t trust that!)

3. You get a glance of your mailing list, in segments: so you know how many contacts in Delhi will receive this mail or Mumbai, for that matter. You can zero in on a specific segment and perform further clean-ups.

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