Transition from B2B to B2C and back in Saleswah CRM

When your team sells to individuals as well as companies

How often have you seen this?

You are a printing press and selling all sorts of print solutions. Calendars, annual reports, marketing material, diaries, book jackets etc. All that sells to the corporate sector.

What about wedding cards? What about the individual clinic which is wanting to print pamphlets? How would you handle a lead from an individual?

What if the same person is a prospect on both fronts? He is deciding on the PO for Annual Reports Printing for his company while also wanting a vendor for printing cards for his daughter’s wedding?

A contact has multiple roles spanning home, office and other professional associations

A contact wears many hats. Loving father, stern boss, adviser to others. And in each of these roles, he may interact with your company and products and representatives. It is important to recognize the contact for what he is. You want to be able to treat the contact differently; someone who is deciding a small purchase at home may be handling a large purchase in office.

You want data to help you arrive at those decisions.

Marketing different products to the same contact

You may be selling industrial cleaning solution to the customer in office. If you are also selling home appliances, then can you work on the same contacts to create a need at home?

Should you use his office email to communicate details of products he should be using at home?

Saleswah will help. The only CRM that recognises multiple roles of the same contact across home and office.

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