Here’s why to upgrade to paid CRM software

Last few weeks have been hectic. We have a bunch of new features, enhancements and UI changes. We also launched our mobile app on the Windows Phone store. The apps are free to use- both the Windows 8 and the Windows Phone versions. But, only if you are an individual.

If you are working in a team, then you need Saleswah’s paid CRM software.

One major change we have made is that unlike earlier, your license does not expire after 30 days of trial. You can stay on the platform, even if you do not upgrade to a paid license, but with a somewhat limited set of functionality.

While you should review the new, simplified licensing on this page, here’s a summary of what has changed:

1. We have now only 2 types of license: Free (Basic) and Paid (CRM).

2. Individual users can sign up and try Saleswah free for a month; to add more users or to continue using all the features beyond the trial period, please upgrade to a paid account.

3. If you do not upgrade- continue using Saleswah as a FREE account. You can not send quotes, you can’t track/ monitor sales opportunities. You can’t send mass email campaigns either. But, you can send proposals, create and mail appointments to your contacts and follow up on tasks.

4. Your dashboard will continue to work- but, the sales part of the dashboard will not be updated. Reports will be available only to paid users.

As we mentioned before, the option to continue as a free account is only for individuals.

One advantage of this new policy is that if you decide to not use the CRM for sometime and come back later, your data is still intact. The free account allows you to evaluate the CRM over a longer time. You can come back months later to using Saleswah in the paid CRM software mode and find your old data, including sales and marketing created during the free trial period still intact.

Should you have any questions or customer evaluation requirements, email us.




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