Know the field locations you need to visit to provide service

Installation sites

Geographical location to history of assets, services and visits

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Installation sites

Installation sites: where your equipment under service are installed

The physical location of the equipment under your care is important to establish. Those are sites. Each site may have one or more equipment installed.

Equipment may go out of service, new equipment may come in and get installed in their place – in the same site. A site grows to have a history: of visits, maintenance done, spares used. You may sell to one account but what you sell in multiple quantity may end up being installed in several sites. Under the same account.

Service CRM> Installation Sites

Locate and track the sites where your equipment are installed

No matter how many installation sites you have, we have you covered

No matter how many installation sites you have and how large your installed base of assets, no matter how many equipment are there per site, we will help you track. We let you store the physical address as well as latitude and longitude.

All asset classes you can think of, are handled. All history of assets additions and movements, site visits and other activities are captured.

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Site locations and history

Track sites, addresses, and history of visits, assets movements and people responsible.

Site contacts

Assign service owners- those who attend to service tickets from sites. Also note the site owner from the customer side.

Close loop among all key people.

Group in territories

Each site has a designated service executive and this allows for natural grouping of territories under a manager.

Totally customizable- by you!

Use the “user defined fields” feature of Saleswah to customize your site records for your purpose.