Logical organization of customer data mapped to sales CRM user roles

Sales CRM user roles, hierarchy

Roles, data access, functionality: how different organizational roles use Saleswah

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Sales CRM User Roles 1

Versatile Sales CRM user roles to support enterprise selling

There are many job functions and levels that use Saleswah and thus we use many Sales CRM user roles to map their functionality to.

Saleswah CRM is a true B2B CRM. So, as it captures all human interactions to promote business and provide post sales support, it groups all contact records, activities and opportunities within “Accounts”- or companies with whom you are doing business.

Within the CRM the Accounts are managed by an “Account Owner”- typically a sales executive using the CRM to keep track of his sales territory where this Account lies.

Sales > User Roles

User roles in enterprise sales CRM

Sales CRM User Roles 2
Sales CRM User Roles 3

The sales hierarchy and user roles

There are 2 main sales roles in Saleswah Sales CRM.

One is that of the sales account owner- the frontline sales executive. Folks in this role have no one reporting to it. It manages one or more accounts, which is to say the following:

  • It has visibility and edit rights to all the accounts it manages, including the “Contacts” who work in those accounts, all deals, tasks and appointments.
  • It can perform pretty much all the actions in the CRM- except of course the admin tasks like adding products, users etc.

The other is that of a Sales Manager- this role has the same capabilities as that of the sales executive. In addition, because it may have sales executives reporting to it, all the data of the those executives are visible and actionable by him as well.

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The other (non-sales) roles in the sales CRM


Marketing roles perform actions sending e-mailers. A person in a marketing role must report to a sales manager. She gets visibility to all the account and contact data of the sales manager to whom she reports.

A marketing person does not carry any sales target.

Telesales/ Inside sales

This role can not be supervisory- no one reports to this role.

It can’t carry sales target. It does however can perform most functions that a sales executive can. Like the marketing role, the telesales role also gets visibility to data at and below the level of the person this person is reporting to.

The "Solo" Admin

The “Solo- Admin” is a special type of Admin- who can perform ALL the activities of the sales, marketing roles in addition to being able to set up  and customise the account.

But he can’t add any users- so any account with a solo admin is essentially an account with a single user.

Saleswah account admin

The Saleswah sales CRM Account Admininstrator is a user who has all the functionality available to any user/ role and data access over the entire customer database.

He can add or deactivate users, buy user licenses and renew them.

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