Repair Service ticket management flow in the service center

Complete service center based repair operations

Profitable and efficient repair service

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service center dashboard ticket management flow

Ensure profitable, predictable and transparent repairs in your service center

Your service will stand out, your repairs will get you business

When you use Saleswah CRM to manage your repair center operations, you can expect to

  • Never miss recording a single complaint/ ticket
  • Send acknowledgement to customer immediately upon receipt of equipment for repair
  • Send itemized estimate for repair
  • Track warranty by serial number
  • Get estimates approved and paid faster
  • Close repair tickets faster

This of course leads to customer delight, creating opportunity for more business

Service CRM> Repair Center Operations

Service ticket management that delivers service center management excellence

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Customized data capture in repair center management

Customize your repair service ticket management

Every equipment is different. So is the service need.
Create customized forms to capture checklist for every type of equipment. Help your technicians in capturing data fast and also help them troubleshoot by having a list of defects and repairs and tag them at the equipment level. Also, by uploading spares lists for every product – you ensure, that your team uses the right spare part for the right equipment.
All from your own admin; all without any coding.

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Log a repair ticket

Log a repair (ticket)- request, on behalf of the customer. Note down the issue, the model number and serial number of the equipment.

Receive the product for repair

Let the customer hand the equipment over across the counter; or ship it across to you. Receive the equipment, inspect and acknowledge. Immediately.

Raise repair estimate

Check the serial number for warranty coverage, inspect for misuse, send an itemized estimate for repair. All electronic, all instantaneously.

Repair and invoice

Once the customer makes payment, Saleswah will auto-assign the ticket and queue it for repair. Once the repair is finished, an invoice will be generated and mailed.

The four key benefits of Saleswah service center ticket management software

End to end tracking

for repair process

From the time complaint is logged to the time product is handed/ shipped back to the customer, every step is time stamped automatically. Every ticket displays the progress through different stages so you know which part is taking more time.

Repair workflow

Increase productivity

Log ticket –> Receive equipment –> Inspect and estimate charges –> Send quote –> Receive approval and payment –> Proceed with repair –> Handover equipment –> Generate tax paid invoice

Your team only receive, inspect, estimate and repair.

Saleswah will do the rest

Transparent processes

builds trust with customer

Saleswah sends instant updates for every stage of your repair process to customers. It also allows you to send clear, itemized estimate for repairs so the customer knows exactly what he is paying for.

Make more money

From satisfied customers

Finally, this is the most compelling benefit. Your customers are happy, they get service, your team is not stressed, and more productive.

Leads to more revenue and profits. And, satisfied customers.

Spares and consumables: inventory usage tracking

Map your spare parts to the product.  Manage inventory by quantity or even by serial numbers for high value parts. Track usage of spares and consumables and log history and monitor trends.

Extremely logical and powerful indenting and approval flows. Create approval flows that enable rather than act as roadblocks.

spares indent approval service ticket management
Service center management software 1

Enabling partnership- you and your customer

Launching Simply C2: the bridge to your customers

Simply C2 is a mobile app which your customers can download and use to connect to you. They can log complaints, and keep track of the repairs, approve repair estimates and even make payments. And, the service invoice is also sent to them through the same app.

Simply C2 works free for your customers. To enable Simply C2, please log into your admin panel and enable the use case.

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