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Schedule preventive maintenance for healthier life of equipment

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Preventive Maintenance

Saleswah CRM Preventive Maintenance Software ensures no nasty surprises from your equipment

Effectively schedule preventive maintenance and track closure

The best antidote to equipment failures and costly repairs is effectively scheduling preventive maintenance for the equipment in your care.

  • Schedule preventive maintenance on fixed, regular schedule- monthly, yearly or after any arbitrary days.
  • Schedule preventive maintenance on flexible days- based on run hours logged.
  • Create and auto assign PM check-lists by product category. Push the checklists to the mobile app for technicians to access.
  • Send push notifications through email, mobile app and browser. Decide your own notifications.
  • System schedules preventive maintenance tickets- lets you change dates before confirming the schedule. Allows you to get customer concurrence beforehand.
  • Monitor all tickets on a calendar.
  • Close tickets by technicians on easy to use but powerful mobile app.
  • Close tickets logged in the service history of the equipment.

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Preventive maintenance software for any equipment PM

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Custom design your preventive maintenance forms

Every piece of equipment is different. So is their service need.
Create customized forms to capture field data for every type of service ticket – be it installation, maintenance or refueling. All from your own admin; all without any coding.

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Schedule preventive maintenance automatically

Powerful Automation

When the installation is over, Saleswah automatically triggers the schedule of the next preventive maintenance ticket. The scheduling happens algorithmically and based on the exact criteria that you set up.

Every time a PM ticket is closed, the next ticket is scheduled. All automatically. And technicians and managers informed.

The power of technology

Go Mobile

Your technicians will not miss the office. Right from the assignment to the ticket, to reminders to directions to the next location, everything is available on the mobile app.

What more? They can raise spares indent, raise repair estimates and collect payment and even generate tax invoices.

They can of course log spares usage, note down defects and repairs made.

Powerful reports and dashboards

Saleswah spoils you with reports.

There are a bunch of standard reports, used for system health checks like lists of equipment, open list of repairs and so on. Then there are analytical reports; useful in analyzing trends.

Finally, we have allowed you to create and run your own boolean queries and download lists for further analysis.

Flexible contracts and warranties

It’s a competitive world. If your customers have driven contract terms during sales negotiations, which have included non-stanmdard service terms and durations, don’t worry.

Saleswah allows you to assign customized service contract terms to each piece of equipment. Relax!

The four key benefits of preventive maintenance using Saleswah field service ticket management software

Powerful mobile app

Works offline- even without internet

Saleswah CRM mobile app is meant for the technician on the move. And we know that the internet can lag or even disappear for miles on the stretch.

So, we ensured that it works even when there is no internet. Update tickets and come back to the office to auto-sync with the central server.

Spares usage tracking

Track spares usage by ticket, customer, equipment, or even by technician by month.

All spares and consumables used in preventive maintenance services need to be tracked as they are expensive and also give you a wealth of information when analyzed later.

Saleswah allows you to indent for spares, track stock of spares at all levels, log usage to solve tickets, and also allows managers to approve indents.

Schedule by software

Approve by people

Schedule preventive maintenance and refueling tickets by automation- then run the schedules by the approvers before assigning resources.
Saleswah has an extremely powerful yet simple algorithm to help you schedule your preventive maintenance and refueling tickets. So, in all cases, the maintenance schedule is updated by the software and then your service managers can take a final call taking the customer convenience into consideration.

Design your forms

No coding required

Design your own data capture forms, by product type and by ticket type. Create maintenance equipment checklist and push them to the mobile app of technicians. No mistakes, highly targeted data for analysis later.

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Schedule preventive maintenance and push tickets to the mobile

Powerful yet simple to use mobile app helps you attend to service tickets on the spot, on the go.

Also get alerts for events like new tickets assigned or logged, overdue tickets, and many more.

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