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Define your warranty service contract terms, by product type

Warranty service contract management is the key to deliver predictable, high quality service. Every industry has its own demands; service contract and warranty terms vary by product types. Some products are repaired, other are replaced. Some require scheduled maintenance at regular maintenance.
Saleswah CRM Field Service Management Software makes it easy to set up warranty and service contract terms and get going. Customize warranty and AMC settings. Have custom and complex Preventive Maintenance scheduling for equipment basis run-hours.

Service CRM> Warranty and service contract

User-configurable warranty service contract setting in field service management

configuring service contract

Warranty management

Duration, deliverables

Set up warranty terms for all product types: preventive maintenance scheduling, corrective maintenance plan: repair or replace.

Service contract management

Flexible, user configurable

Define Annual Maintenance Contracts terms and conditions. Define scheduled and corrective maintenance plans and deliverables.

Refueling and/ or refilling

Take up contracts which call for fixed-schedule or as needed refueling. Create approval flows for system generated refueling schedule.

Track contract renewals

Get reports and alerts for about to expire service contracts or warranties and chase for contract renewals.

Be predictable, be reliable, be boringly dependable

No matter how flexibly you define your warranty service contracts deliverables, let nothing fall through the cracks when you deliver.

It’s time to use Saleswah. Powerful, totally configurable yet simple, Saleswah sends alerts, notifications and generates reports on the fly to ensure you meet the service commitments as per your contract.

Track delivery performance against warranty service contracts

The service CRM allows continuity from the sales CRM. Not just in processes from sales to purchase order to delivery to installation but in the sales commitment on after sales service- in the shape of warranty service contracts getting followed up in the field service management part.
It is comforting to know as a sales person that your customers are being serviced and your service operations are generating goodwill for your future sales.