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Right from installation to scheduling routine periodic maintenance and attending to breakdowns, Saleswah CRM software for field service management helps you with service ticket management. Ensuring you provide service which is predictable, dependable and timely.

Trigger installation tickets from shipment advise, schedule routine maintenance tickets based on rules you define, create and attend to breakdown tickets as needed.

Maintain history of equipment and sites and flag outlying behaviour.

Service CRM> Service Ticket management

Service ticket management that delivers field service excellence

service ticket management
service ticket management

Custom design your service ticket management

Every equipment is different. So is the service need.
Create customized forms to capture field data for every type of service ticket – be it installation, maintenance or refueling. All from your own admin; all without any coding.

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Installation ticket

Get triggered from shipment process and close the loop with the customer to set up installation ticket. Assign to the field service technician. Monitor closure.

Breakdown ticket

When an equipment requires repairs, log a breakdown service ticket. Assign a technician, allocate spares as needed and maintain a history of defect and repairs.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance tickets for every equipment under contract- at fixed or variable intervals.

Re-fueling tickets

Set up refueling schedules based on run-hours logged and consumption rate for every equipment that needs refueling.

The four key benefits of Saleswah field service ticket management software

Location tracking

for all activities

Time and location tag all service activities. Flag those that are not in the right vicinity.

Automate workflow

Assign, track, close

Assign the ticket and monitor attendance and closure. Ensure compliance with service level assurance.

Schedule by software

Approve by people

Schedule preventive maintenance and refueling tickets by automation- then run the schedules by the approvers before assigning resources.

Design your forms

No coding required

Design your own data capture forms, by product type and by ticket type.

Spares and consumables: inventory usage tracking

Saleswah CRM software for field service management makes sure your spares are available where they are needed and when. It helps track usage of spares and consumables and log history and monitor trends.

Extremely logical and powerful indenting and approval flows.

spares indent approval service ticket management

Go mobile: be on the spot

Powerful yet simple to use mobile app helps you in service ticket management on the spot, on the go.

Also get alerts for events like new tickets assigned or logged, overdue tickets and many more.

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Free for 15 days. No credit card needed.

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