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Simply C2 Saleswah Service companion App

An app for your customers to log and track service requests 24/7/365

Enable Simply C2 for your customers

Free always for your customers. No credit card needed. Ever!

Simply C2 Saleswah service companion app can transform your customer experience

Download Simply C2 app and see for yourself

Test-Drive Simply C2 Saleswah Service

Follow the link above to install Simply C2 and test drive to get a feel of what your customers would experience. For test credentials, especially if you do not have a Saleswah account yet, email us at sales@saleswah.com.

What is the Simply C2 Saleswah Service app?

Simply C2 is an app, right now available in 18 languages and 55 countries, which enables your customers to log a service complaint for equipment – at home or office, directly to you.

No more waiting in IVR queue- waiting for your turn- or having to listen to: “Our working hours are Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 6 PM”.

If you:

  • Have customers in multiple geographies and who speak multiple languages
  • Can’t afford to set up a call centre across time zones and language barriers.
  • Are looking for alternatives to the IVR
  • Are looking to manage two way communication between your customers and your service team.

Simply C2 is for your customers. Enable Saleswah + Simply C2 for them and you will thank the day you did.

Service CRM> Simply C2 Saleswah Service

Customer self service- clearly an idea whose time has come

Simply C2 Saleswah Service

Your customers come to you or you go to them?

Simply C2 has you covered – both ways

Whatever be your service delivery model, you can configure Saleswah and Simply C2 to handle it.

Service Center based or field service? You can configure Simply C2 Saleswah Service any one way. Easily scales up to any number of sites and equipment or number of users.

Try Saleswah CRM for free

Don’t forget to enable Simply C2 for your customers. It’s FREE!

Simply C2 Saleswah Service app removes all obstacles to logging service tickets

Have you ever tried to log a service complaint, called the call center number only to be told that it is past the working hours- so, try again the next morning?

Now your customers will not have to deal with the frustration and delay. They can simply register a complaint through the Simply C2 Saleswah Service app and get an instant ticket logged and confirmed through the app.

Try Saleswah CRM for free

Don’t forget to enable Simply C2 for your customers. It’s FREE!

Instant repair status

As you proceed with repair in your service center – your Grahak (customer) keeps getting instant updates on repair stages- reached the service center, assigned to technician, repaired and shipped back.

Communication via in-app messages

Your Grahak can drop a message related to an open ticket and your on job technician can respond; without wasting time on phone calls.

No miscommunication – total transparency.

Estimates and invoices

Send repair estimates to the customer in the app for him to approve and even pay for – online.

Generate proper GST invoices and push to the app for the customer to download.

Totally customizable- by you!

Define the level of self-service that you want your customers to do- from the Saleswah admin panel.

You can opt for total self service or partial self service (where the customer needs to be validated first, manually) or limited – where he is not able to modify his profile or equipment but can log and track tickets.

Simply C2 - Allow your customer to log and track complaints 24/7 | Product Hunt

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