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Powerful sales CRM account management software to support enterprise selling

Sales CRM Account Management is at the heart of a B2B CRM.

Saleswah CRM is a true B2B CRM. So, as it captures all human interactions to promote business and provide post sales support, it groups all contact records, activities and opportunities within “Accounts”- or companies with whom you are doing business.

Within the CRM, sales account management is done by an “Account Owner”- typically a sales executive using the CRM to keep track of his sales territory where this Account lies.

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Sales account management for enterprise selling

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Sales CRM Account Dashboard

Sales CRM account management: relationship management at the account/ company level

When you are selling to a business, all activities and resources are geared towards making that business successful. To do that, you need to map that company really well. All your business contacts are working for one such business: account in our parlance.

We want to group all activities at the account level. Whether it is a list of employees (Contact) of the company or activities like appointments, tasks scheduled or quotes sent or sales opportunities being pursued.

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Maintain clean account list

Accounts (companies you are selling to) are at the heart of Saleswah CRM. Easy to upload lists and keep updated at an individual level.

If duplicate accounts get created, use our intutive and easy merge tool to merge duplicate accounts into one and their contacts, tasks, deals etc to show up under one head.

All activities ever done

See all activities, past deals- won or lost, contacts and their past engagements. Helps while inheriting a new territory- it is not really new, if you get to see all your predecessors ever did with this account.

The account dashboard

Each account has its own dashboard- key numbers and metrics that tell you everything you need to know about the past history and future potential of the account.

The account dashboard and activities list- pending and closed- gives you the full picture and the contacts list- within an account- tells you who the key people you need to engage to meet your objective.

Assign accounts to a sales owner

Accounts are assigned to sales owners- sales execs or managers – who are responsible for relationship building with the contacts in the account and business development from the account.

So, every account ends up as part of a sales territory in B2B sales scenario.

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