Helping keep the power on in Telecom sites across India

A Saleswah Service CRM Case Study

Predictable and dependable service with Saleswah CRM for service

Saleswah CRM powers the service backend for one of the largest field service operations in India – the operations and maintenance of more than 30000 DG sets across India.

These DG sets are located across India – many of them in inhospitable terrain. The service operation employs almost 1000 field personnel actively employed in keeping the DG sets operational. The field personnel depend on Saleswah CRM- web and mobile based service CRM to ensure the service is dependable and meets service level agreements on quality.

  • Background

    One of India's leading Telcos had outsourced the maintenance of their DG sets installed in Telecom towers across the country. Total sites under contract was more than 30000 and spanned the length and breadth of India.

    The DG set vendor had to deliver stringent SLA based maintenance support to all the sites. Saleswah service CRM software was deployed - web and mobile based- across the operations.

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  • Strategic objectives

    Struggling with their outdated software, customer wanted to achieve a few key goals.

    Updated health status of assets under management, planning replacements, optimizing cost for people, equipment, spares and monitoring, improve territory and route planning and identify skill gaps. Of course, this must improve customer satisfaction.

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  • Saleswah deployment methodology

    The entire software implementation spread over more than 25 states, across 4 regional teams and almost more than 90 local teams took more than 3 months. This also included migration of legacy data- both static as well as transaction - from the old CRM system they had outgrown.

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  • Operational Gains from CRM deployment

    Saleswah Service CRM deployment led to widespread improvements in many key operational parameters like response time, SLA compliance, better tracking of asset movement, history, changes and upgrades. It allowed the team to be mobile and communicate and execute decisions faster.

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  • Improvements in Spares and other logistics

    Customer gained total visibility in the stock position at all levels thereby improving critical spares availability, easier stock reconciliation and gaining insight into historical stock usage by site, equipment and technician.

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  • Commercial impact of Saleswah service CRM

    Customer was now able to pull up asset history for every equipment in every site, handle contract assignment per equipment and site, deliver service based on contract commitments and stop revenue leakage. 

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  • Top management view of strategic gains

    Improvement in asset health, better SLA compliance, identifying pockets of good and bad performance, eliminating misuse of spares and lubricants and passing quality audits were the strategic gains as per the customer top management.

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  • Our learnings from the implementation

    A massive implementation like this helped us finetune our offering and made it possible to offer a service CRM that is largely user customizable. To a large extent, what we see of Saleswah CRM service, is shaped by this.

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