Commercial impact from implementing Saleswah Service CRM for DG Set maintenance

A Saleswah Service CRM Case Study

Service CRM DG Set Case study - commercial impact 1

Large positive commercial impac from the service CRM implementation

About 2 years into the implementation, we surveyed the commercial managers of the customer for their views on what they gained.

Asset health with full history

Knowing the asset health with full history allows us to plan in advance for obsolescence and replacement.

Zero revenue leakage

Having the software generate the bill every month automatically based on the detailed monthly list of services provided to customers ensures that we do not miss out on billing a single case.

Equipment contract history

Some equipment are taken out of contract or are shifted to another site or assigned a different level of maintenance contract. Saleswah calculates everything automatically so that there is no adverse impact.

Customer certification of jobs

Saleswah generates customer viewable certificate for the customers’ endorsement of the services provided in a given month with all supporting. This helps in gaining trust of the customer and customer pays our bills faster.

Calculation of SLA penalties and deductions

Saleswah, based on upto the minute accuracy in captured time of ticket logging and ticket resolution, calculates SLA penalties of every closed ticket and uses that to offset the total bill amount from the service dealers.

Time saver!

All the above was earlier taking a large team almost a fortnight or more in calculation, reconciliation and now it takes barely a day to cross-check everything and pass bills.

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