Sales and Service CRM: together or separately

Managing customer relationships from pre-sales to post sales service on the same platform

Full customer profile

Get total visibility into Contacts and their employers (Accounts). Capture details using fully customizable fields.

Add contacts from spreadsheets, Google account, Microsoft, or QuickBooks Online.

Keep your database clean by periodical merge, deduplication or delete.

Acitivity scheduling and tracking

Initiate, assign and track activities, tasks, and appointments. Send emails. Proposals and campaigns and quotations.

All your open activities show up in the calendar- including deals and leads and quotations.

Work with G-Suite and Office 365

Connect with your Office 365 and G-Suite accounts and keep your business contacts and calendar synced across platforms.

Link your QuickBooks Online account

If you are managing your company accounts using QuickBooks Online, link Saleswah CRM.

Download the contacts records and products list from QuickBooks Online for a quick start. Later, download the unpaid invoices from QuickBooks to Saleswah so your team could follow up for payments.

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Highly configurable

Customize without additional coding. From your own admin account, set up Saleswah for just the way you want.

Add custom forms, fields in virtually all modules. Without codes, all from your own admin section.

Powerful Sales CRM

Right through the stages of pre-sales prospecting, lead gathering, nurturing and follow-up, Saleswah CRM for sales helps the salesperson to stay on top of the opportunities.

Target setting and tracking progress against the target. Creating and closing deals and logging activities as they happen. Saleswah increases your sales team productivity manifold.

Comprehensive powerful mobile app

The Saleswah App on Google Playstore is meant for the salesperson on the move.

She can add new contacts, create appointments, log meetings notes. What’s more, the Saleswah app prompts her to take action, when her phone receives a call from a CRM contact.

Dashboards and reports

Informative sales dashboards and reports keep you on track.

Need more? Write your own queries using simple Boolean logic. Download to CSV or to Google sheets for analysis.

Service CRM for revenue growth and customer satisfaction

Any product, any location, any number of sites

Provide service to clients at their home or office or at your own service locations. Installation, repairs, scheduled maintenance whether under warranty or contract or chargeable repair; your team can handle it all using Saleswah CRM.

Field service management

Way beyond a helpdesk software

Log service tickets- whether for scheduled maintenance, anticipated re-fueling or unexpected breakdowns. Schedule visits, assign to executives, get detailed field service report and track closure.

Powerful mobile app

Service CRM mobile app helps service technicians with their daily visit scheduling and  attending to tickets.

Service CRM at scale

Wide territory, large teams, deep hierarchy

Does your service team cover a large territory? Do you have many levels of reporting? Many roles? A large variety of products? Configurable warranty terms? Scheduling based on run-hours? Saleswah can handle them all, right out of the box. It is the most configurable service CRM that there is. And it scales from the smallest teams and most basic needs to large teams running to thousands.

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Service Center Management

when equipment come in for repairs

Saleswah can help you run service centers.

Your customers can either courier the equipment for service or bring them in in person. Saleswah comes in with automated workflow for creating estimates, receiving payments/ approvals and performing repairs. Track spares usage, technician assignment, repair TAT and send automatic alerts and notifications.

Warranty, AMC coverage or billed repairs

Whether covered by warranty, annual maintenance contract or paid repair, ensure your customer gets serviced and you get paid!

Create estimates, monitor payments, repair equipment, track spares usage. Track every equipment at the serial number level and ensure every customer receives the level of promised service.

Service 24/7

Your customer can log and track a complaint any time

No matter the time of the day or day of the week, your customer can log a complaint at any time. They do not need to listen to “Our service hours are Monday to Friday, 930 AM to 630 pm” when they call in  outside of service hours- nor be kept waiting.

Ask your customers to download the FREE Simply C2 app– and stay connected with your service team, 24/7 – to log complaint, track the status of complaints, receive estimates and pay for them to authorize the repair to go through.

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At your desk, on the go

Saleswah works

One Saleswah CRM account on all your devices

Free to try for 15 days; no credit card required.

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