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Assign, follow up, and close customer service tickets-
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Ensure profitable, predictable and transparent repairs in your service operations

Stand out service ticket management for happy customers and profitable operations

When you use Saleswah CRM to manage your customer service operations, you can expect to

  • Never miss recording a single complaint/ ticket
  • Send acknowledgment to the customer immediately upon receipt of the equipment for repair
  • Send itemized estimate for repair
  • Track warranty by serial number
  • Get estimates approved and paid faster
  • Close repair tickets faster

This of course leads to customer delight, creating opportunities for more business.

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Service ticket management that delivers customer service excellence

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Service ticket management in partnership with your customers

Are your customers tired of waiting online to log service complaints? Is your call center missing calls and failing to register all service tickets? Is this costing you? In revenue, customer satisfaction, and in decreased productivity?

Is your service ticket managing software outdated?

Is your team spending a lot of time in back and forth communication with the customer having to update every stage of your repair process? Are you able to prioritize repairs or is it that every ticket is waiting to blow up without warning?

Every piece of equipment is different. So is every customer. As are our commitments to the customers.

So is the service need.

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service ticket management

“Appify” your service ticket management

A smart service ticketing management software is where you start getting things back under control. And the smartest one is where you open it up to your customers.

Let your customers log complaints; update the products they own in your database. Directly. After validation of course. In their own time.

You control the precise level of access they have, of course.
All from your own admin; all without any coding.

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Free for 15 days. No credit card needed.

The four types of service ticket management

Log a repair ticket

Repair and Maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

Installation ticket


Refuel/ Refill

Refuel and refill

The four key benefits of Saleswah customer service ticket software

Automated end to end tracking

for repair process

Automated service ticket management by the Saleswah customer service ticket software ensures that

  • From the time complaint is logged to the time product is handed/ shipped back to the customer, every step is time stamped automatically.
  • Every ticket displays the progress through different stages so you know which part is taking more time.

Service Center repair workflow

Increase productivity

The steps are:

  • Log ticket
  • Receive equipment
  • Inspect and estimate charges
  • Send quote
  • Receive approval and payment
  • Proceed with repair
  • Handover equipment
  • Generate tax paid invoice

Your team only receives, inspects, estimates and repairs.

Saleswah customer service ticket software does the rest

Field service repair workflow

Saleswah customer service ticket software:

  • Sends acknowledgment of service ticket with service engineer ETA
  • Tracks visits of service technician through GPS
  • Shares progress of the repair and other events including parts availability
  • Sends clear, itemized estimates for repairs so the customer knows exactly what he is paying for.
  • Sends pictures back from the site.
  • Gets customers to sign off on the mobile app.

Make more money

From satisfied customers

Finally, this is the most compelling benefit. Your customers are happy, they get service, your team is not stressed, and more productive.

Leads to more revenue and profits. And, satisfied customers.

Smart ticketing management software

We think your customers and you have a common interest in ensuring health of assets under your care. So, Saleswah CRM ticketing management software

  1. Ensures alerts and notifications are triggered at every step
  2. Allows 2 way messaging between the customer and service team.
  3. Transparently shares ticket status at every step with the customer.
smart ticketing management software
Smart ticketing management software 1

Enabling partnership- you and your customer

Launching Simply C2: the bridge to your customers

Simply C2 is a mobile app which your customers can download and use to connect to you. They can log complaints, ship defective equipment back to you. They can use this tpo keep track of the repairs, approve repair estimates and even make payments. And, the service invoice is also sent to them through the same app.

Simply C2 is free for your customers. To enable Simply C2 for your customers, get a Saleswah Account with Simply C2 enabled for your brand at an innaugural price of Rs 8,000/- only!

Enable Simply C2 for your customers

24/7. Always free for your customers!

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