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Totally customizable customer service software

Running a service operation takes careful planning, meticulous staffing, tracking KRAs and SLAs, and yet making money. None of this is trivial- but why should it be more complex than it is?

Saleswah customer service CRM software

  • Thoughtfully crafted and entirely customizable: don’t pay expensive consultants for customizing your customer service CRM software.
  • Easy to set up and get going- Most implementations, even complex ones, take less than a week.
  • Define your own products,
  • Customize warranty and AMC settings.
  • Have custom and complex PM scheduling, checklists.
  • Manage teams, roles, hierarchies.
  • Schedule service visits.
  • Have your customer service CRM software send you reminders for due and overdue tickets.
  • Convert expiring warranties into AMC and expiring AMC into renewals.

Generate revenue using your customer support CRM software from happy customers.

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The most powerful, user-configurable customer service CRM software: features and work-flows

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user customizable service CRM

Configurable for maintenance of any asset class

No two service businesses are the same.
Asset classes, business processes, competitive pressures, warranty and contract terms.

Repairing in your service center? Or do your technicians provide field service? No matter what works for you, Saleswah will work. Out of the box.
Don’t spend months configuring your CRM. Get ready in days to serve your customers.
Like water takes the shape of the container, Saleswah will shape itself around your business.

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Free for 15 days. No credit card needed.

Asset tracking and health monitoring

for large installed base of field equipment

Know your assets: where they are, when the last service was done, when the next service is due. Track fuel consumption and spares usage.

Control costs and optimize resources

Track people and material usage

Track resource allocation real-time. Monitor spares usage and fuel consumption trends. Flag abnormalities.

Totally flexible scheduling of service events

Preventive maintenance and refueling

Monitor your asset usage and schedule PM and refueling based on run-hours. Nothing slips.

Totally customizable

by you, without coding

What information to capture in visits, while closing a ticket, to describe a site or how to specify a product?
You decide. You implement.

Track warranty coverage

Warranty and annual maintenance coverage is tracked for each equipment at the serial number level.  Ensures that every customer and each equipment is given the care that is promised.

Customizable for all products

Saleswah Service Center CRM can help service any type of products which need to be brought to a service center for service.

Technicians, Service Execs and Managers and Commercial roles are available out of the box. So are call center executives.

Generate service revenue

Send repair estimates. Track payments by estimate and tickets. Automate approvals upon receipt of payments.

Generate service invoices automatically when paid service is delivered. Track unpaid service, spares usage.

Service Centre automation just how you want

Tie warranty and service delivery to serial numbers, automatically move a ticket from one step to another, capture shipment of equipment from customer to service center, recognize payments and approvals for service tickets and generate prompts and alerts for estimates, invoices, shipments and receipts.

Grow into the most remarkable support operation

When you want your customer support to define you,

it’s time to use Saleswah. Powerful, totally configurable yet simple, Saleswah customer service CRM software has easy and intuitive workflows for the most common customer support processes and scenarios.
No matter what products you sell and support, you can create a service CRM for it.

Customer Service CRM Software that delights 2


Allow installation requests to be logged as tickets right from the shipment. Assign people to the ticket, have custom check-lists and track closure.

Even trigger scheduled maintenance activities for the future at installation stage.

Preventive maintenance

Schedule preventive maintenance tickets by product type- some at fixed intervals of days or months, some based on run-hours.

Define custom check-lists when you attend a PM ticket for every product type.

Corrective maintenance

No matter if your whole installation site is down – think a BTS which is off the air- or an individual equipment like a Diesel Gen Set which is down, log a ticket and assign to a service resource, track response and turnaround.

Refueling or re-filling

If you have equipment that needs re-fueling at varying intervals (like machines running on fuel) or those that need to be refilled at fixed intervals – like fire-fighting equipment, set up schedules in CRM, capture refuel amounts and fuel levels.

Simple or complex, Saleswah will handle.

scheduling service events

Scheduling service activities and tracking closure

Set reminders for repairs, scheduled maintenance, and refueling tickets. Better, have Saleswah customer service CRM Software automatically show them on your calendar. So, you know what is pending, what you need to do today, and what is the remainder of the week looking like.

Also get alerts for events like new tickets assigned or logged, overdue tickets and many more.

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For complete peace of mind, when you must know

The customer service CRM Software not only runs on the same platform as the sales CRM but allows continuity of workflow from won deal to purchase order to shipment to delivery and installation.
It is comforting to know as a sales person that your customers are being serviced and your service operations are generating goodwill for your future sales.
Reports, dashboards, mobile apps, easy customization, alerts on email and browser notifications and more.

sales and service crm

Mobile app

The most customizable field service CRM app on mobile- and that’s a promise.Saleswah customer service crm mobile app

Notifications, alerts

Get notified on tickets- just logged or even overdue. Ensure you meet your SLA.Service notifications in customer service crm


Know the scale of your service operations; and the status of the service tickets.Service CRM dashboard


Use our ever growing set of reports to get insights into your service business.Service CRM reports

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