“Actions with Saleswah CRM” QuickBooks App

“Actions with Saleswah CRM” – track your receivables by sales owner by getting upto date account receivables data from QuickBooks Online.

Actions Saleswah CRM QuickBooks Online App 1

Saleswah CRM enhances sales efficiency by linking with QuickBooks Online

Do you use QuickBooks Online for your invoicing and accounting?

Now, link your Saleswah CRM with QuickBooks Online to add another dimensions to your sales follow up activity.

By linking QuickBooks with Saleswah CRM, you can download your product list, your contact list and your pending invoices from QuickBooks into Saleswah.

Your invoices will show you when you raised it, when is/ was it due and how much is outstanding to ensure you follow up on your payments.

Fetch your contacts from QuickBooks to Saleswah

All the contacts you have ever invoiced in QuickBooks Online, can be fetched to Saleswah. What's more, the accounts (companies they work for) will be created automatically- saving you time from having to import them twice.

Fetch products list into Saleswah

The list of products that you sell and invoice are in QuickBooks. Fetch them into your Saleswah CRM products list to ensure you are in sync. 


Fetch your open invoices

Your list of open invoices are lying in QuickBooks? Fetch them to get a grip on pending payments. Invoices will show up against the account owner (the sales exec or manager in charge of the account).


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