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Schedule tasks, link to contact, assign to a user and track closure

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crm task management in saleswah

Powerful and easy task management software for enterprise sales

Get rid of those paper chits and reminders from multiple sources. Saleswah leads other CRMs in managing client facing tasks.

Set yourself a goal, a date by which you must accomplish the task. Log it in the CRM. Tasks are client facing- so, tag a customer contact to it. Think of Tasks like “Show a demo”, “Phone”- they all are tracked.

Tasks types can be defined by you- you can create as many as you want. Once created, Tasks can be re-scheduled, re-assigned or closed. Tasks can also be linked to Deals.

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Task Management for enterprise selling

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Tasks: set yourself a goal or an activity to finish

Tasks are useful reminders for you- to get something done. They are scheduled for a day in the calendar and stay there till you close them.

Tasks in Saleswah CRM are “richer” than similar tasks in online calendar apps like Google or Outlook. For one, all CRM Tasks are tagged to one customer contact. A reminder that this is a sales CRM and all activities are customer facing. Secondly, Tasks need to be tagged to some product- again a reminder that we are trying to sell a product or service and tasks need to focus on that.

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Free for 15 days. No credit card needed.

Create a task- for self or someone

Schedule a task in the CRM for it to show up in the calendar. By default, all Tasks are assigned to you, the account owner. But, you can choose to re-assign to someone else if you want.

Link a Task to a Deal

If you are working on a Deal and create a Task, Saleswah will not only link it to the Deal but you can link the Task to one of the Decision Makers of the Deal as well.

This helps you prioritize a Task with a linked Deal above a Task without.

Notifications for due and overdue tasks

Get alerted when a Task falls due or indeed when it is overdue. Through the mobile app, in your browser and on email.

Nothing falls through the cracks.

Sync with G-Suite or Office 365

All tasks can be synced with your Office 365 or G-Suite account. Another way to ensure that you never forget.