Saleswah CRM Office 365 Outlook Addin

“Action for Saleswah CRM” – Appointments, Contacts and Task. Lead management for Saleswah CRM from within Outlook inbox.

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Office 365 Outlook Addin- a new dimension to sales productivity

Saleswah CRM Office 365 Outlook Addin helps adds a new dimension to managing your incoming email. Take action on your emails, add them as a lead or contact record in Saleswah or create a log a Task or appointment.

Action: with Saleswah CRM! Free with all Saleswah CRM subscriptions. Get it now from Microsoft Store.

Add a new lead

If the sender email does not exist in Saleswah, you can add the sender to the CRM as a lead.

Saleswah CRM will schedule follow-ups, browser and email notifications: to ensure you never let go of an opportunity.

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Add new contact record to CRM

Email does not exist in CRM? No immediate sales possibility but you still want to add the sender to the CRM. Add her as a Contact instead.


CRM Task management

Schedule a Task or Appointment

Schedule a Task or Appointment. Don’t miss that planned activity. Stay notified by email for pending activities and commitments.


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