Action Saleswah CRM GSuite Addon

“Action Saleswah CRM” – Appointments, Contacts and Task. Lead management for Saleswah CRM from within your Gmail inbox.

Action Saleswah CRM GSuite Addon- sales productivity unleashed

Action Saleswah CRM Gsuite Addon helps you move to managing your sales from managing your incoming email. Take action on your emails, add them as a lead or contact record in Saleswah or create a Task or schedule an appointment.

Action: with Saleswah CRM! Free with all Saleswah CRM subscriptions. Get it now from GSuite Marketplace.

Add a new lead

If the sender email does not exist in Saleswah, you can add the sender to the CRM as a lead.

Saleswah CRM will schedule follow-ups, browser and email notifications: to ensure you never let go of an opportunity.

Add new contact record to CRM

Email does not exist in CRM? No immediate sales possibility but you still want to add the sender to the CRM. Add her as a Contact instead.

Schedule a Task or Appointment

Schedule a Task or Appointment. Link it to the contact you just created. Don’t miss that planned activity. Stay notified by email for pending activities and commitments.

  • Windows 10 App

    ZDNet described Saleswah as among the top 8 business apps on the Windows store. For the salesman on the move, this is a perfect desktop companion to work on the CRM while waiting for appointments or at the airport lounge.

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  • Android App

    Enable your sales, marketing and field support teams for growth- no matter how big or small

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  • Outlook Add-In

    The Saleswah Lite Outlook CRM Addin links the worlds of cloud based CRM and desktop

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