How to build a marketing campaign targets list that has sales impact

Does the word campaign evoke images of large armies marching through inhospitable terrain? For months on end for small gain?

A marketing campaign is certainly a sustained effort. The objective being to narrow down the list of prospects to those that may be profitable to chase. It is important to focus on the “right” marketing campaign targets list from the beginning. As the list keeps getting smaller, the  personal attention to the members of the list grows.

How do you know which are the right people to pursue?

Marketing has its tools of trade- weapons of choice, if you prefer- these are social media, website, mailers, seminars, trade-shows and so on. Depending on the stage of awareness of the customer or the degree of intimacy, marketing will employ one or more of the tools at its disposal.

But, and this is how we think differently, marketing simply can’t do it alone. It can’t fill the top of the funnel with opportunities which have a chance of maturing all by itself.

Nor can they “progress” the opportunities down the funnel all by themselves. And, as the opportunity matures, marketing needs to be careful about inadvertently delaying the close of a sale. As an example, let us say you are pursuing a large opportunity with a client and your marketing team sends out a mailer which showcases a newer product; your present deal will certainly get delayed.

Marketing campaign targets: how to target the right people

Saleswah is a CRM software that takes marketing seriously. First it makes adding profiles and keeping them updated really simple. Even more importantly, because it logs all the activities, tasks and events automatically – it builds up a really rich profile over time.

This rich profile is very useful when filtering the right contacts to “target” for marketing. And Saleswah’s campaign targeting tool, the one that selects contacts based on their profile as well as their activities logged in the past, works that much better.

marketing campaign targets lists builder

By using intuitive boolean logic, Saleswah allows you to build a very finely crafted marketing campaign targets list. And, sending mail to such a list is obviously far more productive than sending it to random lists.

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