Bridging the gap between marketing and sales

Who is Saleswah CRM for?

Saleswah CRM works for sales teams, small and large, who depend on getting sales leads from new customers to achieve their target.

If your organization has an ongoing marketing program for lead generation: you advertize on websites and newspapers, you participate in roadshows (in malls and in group housing societies, etc.), you participate in trade-fairs, then you should get Saleswah CRM for everyone in your sales team.

If you are relying on marketing to generate the buzz, excitement, and leads, Saleswah CRM puts the focus on bridging the gap between marketing and sales. Capturing leads and managing them thru the sales cycle is what Saleswah CRM does best.

What is the cost of missing a lead?

Let’s do the math: a classified ad in TOI Delhi for property costs about Rs 5000/-and those in online portals cost anything between Rs 1200/-and Rs 2500/-. A property dealer in hot markets like Delhi NCR, Pune, Bangalore, etc. would easily spend Rs 50,000/-a month advertising. And these are dealers that have 2-3 sales guys and perhaps do 1-4 “sales” transactions and 2-5 “lease” transactions. In order to do this level of work, he has to make sure he gets at least 400 “leads”—folks who call him up and inquire about the properties he has a mandate for and has advertised.

The trouble with advertising is not that 50% of it is useless spending; we know that. The trouble is, we do not know which 50%!

How do you get the leads, anyway?

Do your customers call you, email you, or text you? How many walk in thru your front door? And, surely, no one, no one these days ever writes in? Do they leave their details on your website?

What is your process for capturing a lead?

Once you get an sms, or a phone call, or an email, or a query forwarded from the website or newspaper where you may have placed a classified, the faster you can note it down and send it to your sales team to follow up, the better your chances of closing business.

What in reality happens is that you note down the call details or the number sent in an email and send it to the sales guy in your team. “Most of the time”. And, your sales guys will follow thru and make the connection “most of the time.” And you will remember the leads you passed on to them in the morning by the time evening comes and you can review the day with your team-“some of the time”.

Do you want to guess what happens to the leads that get missed out on? They go to competitions “all the time”!

  • Do you know what proportion of your leads got addressed, which ones were followed up on and which ones you closed?
  • Do you know where you get most of your enquiries from?
  • Do you know which sources of enquiries are normally more productive?

How do you bridge the gap between marketing and sales?

Log and assign all leads as they come: Saleswah helps you quickly and efficiently log all incoming calls. Note down your name, contact details (phone, mobile, email)-as much or as little as is available or useful-and click a button to send the details to your sales guy on his mobile app. Incoming call logging can be done by anyone with access to the system; your receptionist, your secretary, you, your marketing team member, or the salesman himself.

Update lead status and track thru stages online: The fact that you have done this is remembered by the software, and when your team updates the status of the follow up, you get to see it too, online! The status of the lead as it goes thru the stages can be seen by the salesman and his superiors.

Assign and schedule tasks and activities: You can use Saleswah CRM for scheduling meetings and assigning work to your team-go pick up the cheque, schedule a site visit, draw up the agreement, whatever. And, track the status of the tasks as well.

Bridging the gap between marketing and sales

If you have products and or services to sell to other companies, big or small, Saleswah CRM will work for you.

Free to try, for fifteen days!

Sales lead tracker: Never let go a sales for want of follow up

We all want leads, but it is important to track them through the sales process

Saleswah keeps the focus relentlessly on sales; the process including keeping track of the sales cycle and progress of the opportunity through it is important. As important as the activities that the sales team performs- send literature, meet and present, demo, collect cheque.

As you grow, it is no longer possible or practical to track all individual leads manually. You need the sales lead tracker capability of Saleswah.

For small businesses, spending money getting noticed by customers and generating “enquiries/ leads”, it is important to ensure that

1. All enquiries immediately land up with the right sales person.

2. The sales person is able to log the stage and size of the opportunity, his chances of converting it into a purchase order and the customer influencers.

3. Furthermore, he should be able to log what the next action should be and schedule a task for himself in the calendar.

His boss knows it too!

Saleswah’s team management ensures that the salesperson’s manager always stays updated about

– the state of the sales funnel and the monthly forecast.

– the individual opportunities: their stage, status and chances and the actions- taken and pending.

How does the sales lead tracker work?

Saleswah is a hosted total sales lifecycle management tool. It allows you and your team to track a sales opportunity from start to finish, through all stages of qualification to close. Leads go through a process of assign, nurture and close after being captured.

Leads are first qualified and the best ones are “converted” to Deals whereas the less promising ones are rejected. The progress of each lead is tracked and any conversion or rejection has a reason and follow up comments.

sales lead tracker helps ensure nothing falls through the cracks

Who would use the sales lead tracker of Saleswah?

Saleswah is useful for all businesses, big or small – with one salesman or one hundred- who want to track the sales leads that they receive and take appropriate action to close them. This can be property dealers, insurance agents, office equipment vendors, trade-show exhibitors, companies running seminars, those who primarily get their leads from vertical portals etc.

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