You do not need a call center

Simply C2 app as a call center replacement available in 53 countries

Just an announcement.
The recent version of Simply C2 app is now available in Google Playstore of 53 countries including India.

App design learnings from Simply C2
Simplicity is the essence of design

If you are a manufacturer of products that require after sales service, and selling to one or more of those countries, this is what is means to you:

  • No need to set up a call center in any of the those countries.
    • Set up and enable Simply C2 for your customers in those countries.
    • Communicate to your customers and encourage them to download Simply C2 and register as a customer for your products. FREE!
    • Now no longer worrying about the timezone, the language your agents speak. Your customers can log a support ticket, any time in the day or night and receive an acknowledgement immediately.
call centre replacement
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