2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM to enhance customer service

2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM to enhance customer service 1

The most widely used messaging app globally is WhatsApp. Allowing 2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM helps resolve issues and in a timely way. This is especially true in customer service CRM, both in field service as well as in service centre automation.

We had partnered with GupShup Technologies to allow you send out alerts/ notifications for different customer support stages though WhatsApp.

Types of “templated” WhatsApp messaging in CRM

  • Ticket has been created
  • Equipment is inspected and estimate raised; please see attached.
  • Calibration scheduled
  • PM scheduled
  • Payment received
  • Invoice attached
  • Ticket closed – did we do a good job?


2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM to enhance customer service 2

But as more customers adopted this, they needed 2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM to make it really interactive.

The perceived benefits are:

  • Interactive
  • Anyone who can view the message can respond
  • All messages go out from the registered WhatsApp messaging number (your customer support number).
  • All incoming messages are saved in the CRM and we know who has sent the messages and who has responded from our side.
  • And of course, communication is fast, real time and all attachments are stored as well.

Real issue we solved by 2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM

A customer was trying to build a database of equipment sold in the field. The trouble was that many times equipment would get added to the database without the warranty papers. And they would have no means of verifying the warranty claims without the papers.

So, now they have implemented a process whereby, everytime

  • an equipment is added to the database without warranty details
  • or a ticket is created on an equipment without warranty

templated messages are sent to the owner and site contact of the equipment with a note that his equipment is without warranty and we need his warranty papers so that we can honour warranty claims.

The owner sends back the scanned copies of the warranty papers, and the back-end team immediately verifies and they have their data.

And, because now we have 2-way WhatsApp messaging in CRM, the back-end team can get into a conversation with the owner for more details if needed.

We have already cleaned up more than 20 percent of legacy data and all new equipment additions are happening with proper documentation.

The power of 2-way WhatsApp messaging transforming customer service! Sign up for a free trial, now!

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